best guitar players of all time

The guitar has been the most important part of music history, it can produce an array of sounds and styles. And has been the mainstream of various genres from jazz to rock! You might have seen a lot of guitarists who have touched the edges of what is possible with the guitar, captivating listeners with their skill and creativity.

We have made a list of top greatest and best guitar players of all time, spanning from heavy metal or hard rock.  Read to know more!

Best guitar players of all time

As you are searching for the best guitar players of all time, you will get definitive lists! But not in a ranking order. The list includes some of the best musicians of all time! They are praised by music addicts and made sure to have a name in the music world!

Jim Hendrix

The legend of all time! He is known for inventing new techniques with the instrument. Jim changed the guitar world and he was the one who brought effects and the whammy bar to the world. This master can play guitar with his left hand and he is a part of Club27 which includes famous musicians like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and others.

Brian May

The founder of the iconic band Queen. He holds a place as one of the most famous and influential guitarists and performers of all time. He has also earned a Ph.D. degree and has organized various animal rights campaigns apart from shredding the guitar.

Lita Ford

A female rock star and a guitarist well known for her unique guitar styles that challenged even male artists! She was a member of the rock band Runaways but also had an equally flourishing solo career. Some of her famous hits are “Close My Eyes Forever” and “Kiss Me Deadly”.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy is also one of the world’s best guitar players of all time. He is the founder of the most famous rock band: Led Zeppelin. He is well known for making riffs with the instruments and with a cello bow. His music style is a mix of electric blue and hard rock.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton took off his career in 1960 and joined with rock bands Cream, Yardbirds, and Bluebreakers. He left his band to continue his passion for rock and roll. Eric wasn’t that famous in the initial stages, but his solo career marked him as one of the best guitar players of all time. His diverse playing style is proof that all of his albums from the top and best-selling singles in the United States have sold over 2 million.

David Gilmour

David is a famous guitarist in the rock band Pink Floyd, his solo career was just successful with 3 albums topping the UK charts. David was renowned for world tours and life achievement awards that gave him a huge net worth.

Jeff Beck

Who doesn’t know him? One of the best guitar players of all time with a Grammy! He was replaced in the Yardbirds as a lead guitarist and was in the band for 2 years. His successful albums are Flash, Escape, and People Get Ready! After his successful album Emotion & Commotion, he started to take long breaks.

Mark Knopfler

A Scotland-based guitarist that is famous for his Scottish blends with a touch of folk–pop genre. He was known for his finger–picking style and made the best–selling albums “Sultans of Swing” and “Brothers in Arms”.

Gary Moore

Gary, a left–handed who started to use the instrument with his right hand! His style of music was more vibrant to melodic and his career was stuck with heavy metal influence! His successful album is “Still Got the Blues”.

George Benson

He is a top–tier guitarist famous for his rest–stroke picking style. His first solo was in 1976 and earned Grammys. His first gig was at a nightclub at the age of 8. Benson’s masterful use of the blues with a mix of jazz is what made him popular.  His smooth and vulnerable vocals made George the best guitar players of all time.

Derek Trucks

Known for his electric slide guitar! Derek uses a mix of jam band, Southern rock, and Jazz. Derek had a chance to play at the White House and won almost all music awards. His guitar-playing technique and his interest in learning other instruments like Sitar and Sarod, set him apart from the rest of the musicians. 


These are some of the best guitar players of all time! Picking just a few was so hard and there are so many talented guitarists around the world that need a shout – out. Things can change and newcomers can break the chain! We have listed the one who made history in the music world!