Why did Kobe have 2 numbers? The reasons and Details
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Does a jersey number too significant in a player’s career? Generally, it depends on the player that to what extend the person is giving importance to his jersey number. A sportsperson chose his/her number based on several factors like a lucky number aspect, numerology, team decision, etc. Some players even had two numbers in their careers. Indeed, Kobe Bryant is one among them; he had both numbers 8 and 24. Many basketball lovers and others have this doubt of why did Kobe have 2 numbers. Let’s try to understand the reasons behind the concept of Kobe.

Players and Jersey Numbers

Some sports personalities are just famous for their numbers. Indeed, the numbers of players get imprints in the mind of their fans. Also, at many times they get identity with their numbers. Some players keep a single digit, where the other two-digit. However, there are some instances where the players even having three-digit numbers. In context to basketball, 6,24,32, 33, etc., are some successful jersey numbers. Some people believe that the numbers can bring luck to players. Therefore few players even decide their number based on numerology.

Kobe Bryant with two numbers

Why did Kobe have 2 numbers? The reasons and Details
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Kobe Bryant is the all-time most outstanding basketball player in America. With excellent performance and skills, he became a notable player in the NBA. His position in the Los Angeles Lakers was very significant. Indeed, making the team win the NBA championship five times. He had a long playing career of 20 years for the Lakers from 1996 – 2016. During this period, he had two jersey numbers. Till 2006, he was playing with the number 8, and from 2006 till his retirement, he wore the number 24. It is not a usual incident; thus, this incident was a highlighting matter of basketball talk. Many experts interpreted this number of changes in different aspects. However, breaking the silence Kobe himself clarified the point of having two numbers. 

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The reasons why Kobe had 2 numbers

In the initial days of Kobe’s career, he had jersey number as 8. He chose that because of his Adidas cap number of 143 (1+4+3=8). Since all together the number adds up to 8, he wore it over ten years. As an explanation to this, Kobe said- “when I came to the Lakers first, they were many great team players. The initial phase was to make the base and choose the number 8 without much thought. Also, in the starting phase, one has to prove himself with quality performance and maintain consistency. The energy and aggressiveness as a player need to be always full on.”

Then in the year 2007-2007 NBA seasons, Kobe changed his number to 24. He clarified the reason behind this, too; 24 Number is growth from the older phase. The physical attributes have limitations. In this stage, things need to deal with more maturity and sense. All together with marriage, kids started to have a broader perspective. Now me being the older guy on the team needs to change, and things need to evolve”.

The exact explanation of Kobe to have 2 numbers answered many queries of basketball lovers. Notably, he was one of the few greatest players to have two jersey numbers in the whole NBA history. Mainly, he is the only player to retire with two numbers from the same team.

 Fatal Helicopter accident

26th January 2020 was a dark day for the whole sports lovers across the world. On this day, the helicopter in which Kobe traveled and his daughter and seven other mates crashed, resulting in his death. Indeed, this incident was quite shocking made all the Kobe fans into tears. It was so hard to digest for all the basketball lovers that Kobe is more in this world. 

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Other players who have 2 numbers

Shaquille O’Neal
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There are few other players too, who had two numbers in their basketball career. Shaquille O’Neal is one among them. Indeed, he played in the number 32 and 34 till his retirement. However, Shaquille represented two teams, the Lakers and heat. Julius Erving, Oscar Robertson, Earl Monroe, etc., are the few such players to have two numbers.

Final Note 

When Kobe changed his jersey number, why did Kobe have 2 numbers frequently came up question. Even though Kobe came up with reasons behind this, many people were unaware of it. The great legend who left us too early will always remain in every basketball lover’s heart. 



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