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The star player of Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne, in his recent interview, expressed his willingness to stay with Manchester City. Kevin is the most star player in the Manchester City club. Manchester city is waiting for the final court verdict on 13th July Monday at 9:30 am. The club faces a ban from the European champions for two years. The ban is for Man city to find guilty of breaching financial fair play (FFP) regulations. The club,s ban for two years in the champions league points out for this reason.

During this challenging time, the readiness of Kevin De Bruyne to stay at the Manchester club was quite surprising. He expressed that he is willing to stay at Manchester city irrespective of the court verdict on Monday. Kevin De Bruyne will continue his play in the Premier League.Moreover, he has three years more contract with Manchester city. As part of that, he earns guaranteed £280,000 a week. Rumors were spreading that Kevin plans to leave Manchester City. But now, by giving a clear opinion about his stay at the club, he had shut the rumors.


kevin De Bruyne

Pep Guardiola, the team manager of Manchester City, said that he knew Kevin De Bruyune doesn’t intend to leave the team. He gave a direct hint that Kevin will take over team captaincy and hope to lead the team into the next level. Regarding Kevin’s willingness to stay at Manchester, Pep responds that it is his will to make the right decision. Nothing cant is force; everything should happen with total willingness. Moreover, the 29-year-old middle striker is a great asset to Manchester. The opinion that Kevin expressed to stay at Manchester had boosted the fellow mates’ confidence.

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After expressing the opinion to stay at Machester by Kevin, Pep Guardiola to convince Manchester city that the verdict would be favorable for them. Besides, he stated that: The ban for the champions league will get remove, and the club will play in the champions league. The open statement of Kevin De Bruyune to be with Manchester creates a positive impact. Also, Peb stated that he is prepared and has to trust in the people that they can play champions league.

Court verdict

They are removing the dilemma regarding the star player of Manchester city Kevin De Bruyn. The team manager Pep Guardiola responded that “on July 13th, we will know the resolution, hopefully, for the club-all the worker’s players and everyone here, staff- to try to continue growing up as a club next year.

Also, Pep added that he is so confident at his team’s innocence and has seen the evidence which proves it.As divulged by sports mail, Manchester city’s verdict by court of sports arbitration on Monday 9;30am, with expulsion city, is bound to pay more than £150 million.

The club authorities, team members, and all Manchester city fans are hopefully waiting for the court’s verdict. It was indeed the right time when the Manchesters city star player Kevin de Bruyne express his will to stand at the club. Moreover, all the confusion and dilemma get clear after his explanation. Also, Kevin De Bruyne’s family settle in northwest Manchester will continue to stay there. However, the main star plyer Kevin’s willingness to stand at his team had boosted the confidence of Manchester city.

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