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The COVID pandemic outbreak has affected millions of people all around the world. Large sectors, industries, events, business, economy, etc are affected due to this virus outbreak. The impact of Corona has affected the spots field globally. Many sports events and matches have been canceled. On the other hand, many crucial sports events have been postponed to an indefinite time. Looking at the main sports events that are canceled and postponed Japan Olympics 2020 comes in the top list. Olympics 2020 has been postponed to next year. Many other sports like football, cricket, basketball, hockey, athletics, and so on had to cancel the events or else was postponed. Now will have a look at the ongoing sports during this corona period.


 In the initial few months of COVID outbreak especially in March and April, many football events were canceled and postponed. However, it was restarted at the end of April. Many teams and clubs rescheduled their matches in May and June. In many countries, football events were replanned in may. Looking at Germany the football academy resumed its season on May 16th after two months of delay. Moreover, the premier leagues like Italy’s Seria, Spanish La Liga, are with events in June after 3 months of suspension.

Sports-Main Events

The main football events ongoing include the English premier league, Seria A professional league competition, La Liga football league matches, and so on. However, considering the current pandemic situation few restrictions need to be followed. The topmost priority is the safety of players. So in fact all the players and the authorities involved will have a COVID test. Apart from that, no spectators will be allowed in the stadium. It will be completely zero spectators match held. Irrespective of the present situation all the star players are playing for their teams. However, the authorities and the event managers point out the financial trouble-causing with zero spectators.


source www.timesofindia.com

Like all the other sports cricket events were also postponed and canceled during this pandemic phase. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) canceled all the matches and events. BCCI president Sourav Ganguly stated that there will be an indefinite hold in the matches considering the present situation. He also added that cricket will be normal once the COVID-19 vaccine is out.

However, cricket matches are happening in some parts with pandemic regulations. The most discussed tournament happening now after many months is the Wisden Trophy. It is the test match series between West Indies and England. There are few commonly followed restrictions in all events. The safety measures and no spectators in the matches are the two things which are primarily needed to be followed. The other upcoming matches in the coming days include Ireland in England 3 ODI series. And also Pakistan in England 3 test series.


Due to the COVID pandemic, the major popular basketball leagues have already canceled the events. The Euro League basketball and Euro Cup seasons will start in the coming months. Considering the pandemic situation the executive board has canceled the 2019-2020 Euro Cup and Euro league. The National Basketball Association (NBA) canceled the season on the march and announced the season will start on July end. On the other hand, The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) had also postponed regular seasons.

However, a few basketball associations are having events. The Chinese Basketball Association
(CBA) and Israeli Basketball premier League are having ongoing Basketball matches.


A very crucial decision taken by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) that almost 900 tournaments across the globe had been postponed. The major Tennis event Wimbledon tennis championship 2020 has been canceled considering the present pandemic situation. Other main events like the BNP Paribas Open and Xi’an open was canceled. On the other hand, the French open which was supposed to happen on May 24 has postponed to September 20.

After many cancellations and postpones of major tennis events, few events have been rescheduled and are ongoing. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is conducting ATP singles matches. Also, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is having ongoing events. In addition to these events, there are many ongoing series which includes; East Coast Pro Series, FPT Portugal Series, East Coast Pro Series, European Pro-Tennis Series.


source; www.eurasian.com

The baseball tournaments were only suspended for two months due to the COVID pandemic. The major professional league of South Korea rescheduled its new season at the beginning of  May. The Major League Baseball (MLB) and Unites State’s professional baseball league canceled its spring training which intends to allow trainers to test new players in different teams.

Maintaining all the COVID regulations many ongoing baseball events are happening. Few events include; Extraliga baseball league, SM- sarja league, NPB Japan.


On considering the risk factors caused by Coronavirus, the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) decided to make a mandatory COVID test for all players. Many golf tournaments and championships were postponed and rescheduled. The workday charity open is the ongoing golf event happening.

Other Sports

In the context of the COVID pandemic almost all the popular sports have been postponed and canceled in the last few months. Still, the sports area across the globe hasn’t been fully active. Many major events have been rescheduled and there is still uncertainty in conducting many popular sports events.

Other sports and games like wrestling, boxing, athletics, Formula 1, table tennis, and so on, are yet to happen in the mainstream. Many events are rescheduled and it can change anytime due to many factors. The Japan Olympics is supposed to happen in mid-2020 had postponed to mid-2021. There is a huge uncertainty still prevailing in many games due to the pandemic risk factors.


COVID 19 Pandemic had made global chaos. It has affected almost every sector in the world. Similarly, it has affected the sports area too. After many months of pausing the sports activity, many sports have been rescheduled, and now it’s ongoing. Considering the risk factors and the present situation many changes have been bought in the sports area. A stadium with full spectators in a football or cricket match is too risky in the current situations. So many Pandemic regulations had to be followed in any game, which includes the COVID test of the players too. Within the limitations and regulations, global sports is rising slowly to its full fledge.

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