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Will Football Will Remain As It Is After COVID-19?

To see that the world of football has changed. Field fans are no longer in the stadiums, the team takes extra precautions during training, and some leagues have not returned to action.

These may seem like temporary adjustments to the epidemic, but there are many ways that the beautiful game will change permanently.

The statement issued by Messi Regarding Football:-

Speaking to the sources, Leo Messi has believed that the world game is ready for a major change. Barcelona star Messi stated that:- “Football will never be the same“. “Even not only football, he thinks all the lives, in general, will never be the same after all this COVID-19.”

Messi is absolutely right. It’s worth noting that the game still looks very different, from closed-door games to more secure protocols and clipping competitions.

Coronavirus: What sporting events are affected by the pandemic such as Football
Source:- Al Jazeera

All of these may seem like short-term changes, but the epidemic will have a side effect that can lead to permanent changes in the game. For starters, we can see a significant drop in the financial strength of teams of all sizes. As unemployment increases and corporations have less money to spend on sponsorship budgets. Even the value of business participation and television revenue will decrease.

Less money for teams and player salaries

And since stadiums around the world are unlikely to be completely full unless there is a vaccine. Evens teams will also be affected by a big drop in revenue on game day.

The financial bubble bursts, and while revenues will eventually rebuild, it could change the way clubs do business. As teams have struggled against the size of Barcelona, ​​it is clear that teams will need to operate with more cash on hand and their means.

Critically, the desire for big clubs to make a profit could also accelerate the inevitable arrival of a European Super League. As an impact which will permanently change the face of the game. And, as the clubs separate, we see smaller and smaller to medium-sized teams as they cannot compete with those on the bigger stage.

Other Major Issues Surrounding Football:-

Epidemics can also affect the transfer market mechanism. We see the possibility of too few loan deals in the windows of upcoming transfers. And even Barca President Joseph Bartomeu is one of those who see too many direct exchange deals for cash. The beautiful game will finally return and the stadium will fill up again. But the game, like the world, has changed.