Action and thrill – perhaps one of the best movie genres that you can watch for quality binge-streaming sessions. These movies pack the punch of entertainment that just keeps you moving. There’s a lot to the plot and you can expect to have a thrilling experience that will not end in boredom.

Well, with so many movies on the list, it’s hard to come up with the right ones. But we’ve made some effort and chosen some of the best thrilling movies in the genre that you’ll surely like. But before we begin, make sure that you have the right streaming setup.

That includes a fancy display for proper visual effects, a comfy sitting arrangement, and a steady internet connection to stream or download movies at the best quality. We don’t know about the former two, but we can recommend Xfinity internet if you’re looking for the best internet services.

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With that settled, let’s check out some of the best action thrillers to watch:

You might’ve watched this but we can agree that it’s a gem in this category. Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, and other famous names are starring in this amazing movie. The plot itself is perceived to be mind-blowing, making Inception one of the best thrillers produced.


With the team of subconscious dream divers, Dom Cobb (Leo) has to ensure that he gets himself redeemed with this last mission. However, as easy as it seems, the potential ‘idea plantation heist’ is even threatening to the expert Cobb himself. 

The movie is one of the best productions by Christopher Nolan and is surely the one to watch if you haven’t already.

  • Mad Max Fury Road

We have the amazing Tom Hardy again with the dazzling Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz, and other superstars starring in this splendid apocalyptic story. Again, a pick from the past, Mad Max Fury Road is one of a kind action thriller that packs quite a story, amazing cinematic and visual effects, and a superb plot. 

Across the desert landscapes where humanity is broken, everyone must do the most to survive, even if it means resorting to cannibalism. However, Max takes things into his hands to restore peace in whatever’s left of the world. It’s quite thrilling and packs entertainment in every second.

  • V For Vendetta

“I VERI VENIVERSUM VIVUS VICI” If you’ve seen this movie, then you know how much this dialogue moves you. V, a patient who’s coming for vengeance and justice takes unusual and extraordinary measures to liberate the people from a tyrant counselor in a totalitarian Britain.

The amazing Hugo Weaving, sizzling Natalie Portman, and others, this movie is quite famous for their amazing story and impressive script. “Ideas are bulletproof” is one of the iconic dialogues that V produces after his final battle, which makes it iconic. It’s a must-watch if you haven’t already and you’ll surely feel astounded by its plot. 

  • Taken

How can we not add Liam Nesson’s Taken when we’re talking about action thrillers? It packs the right amount of action-packed with a good amount of suspense and emotions that make it one of the best movies to watch. It’s a little old from the book but still comes across the list when we talk about action.

  • The Silence Of The Lambs

How can you catch a psychopathic serial killer? Well, pair up with another one. That’s right! The Silence of the Lambs is one of the best action thrillers from the 90s produced by Jonathan Demme.

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Not only the movie itself is filled with gory scenes but the gender dynamics and emotional lives discussed are subtle enough to attract the audience. It’s primarily why the movie still has a staggering 8+ rating on IMDb even after 3 decades.

  • Equilibrium

Christian Bale is one of the most versatile actors that Hollywood’s got, and Equilibrium clearly shows it. Revolving around a non-emotional mankind-filled future, Preston (Bale) must ensure that any revolts are neutralized.

However, things tend to change when he misses his emotion-suppressing dozes, causing one of the best to revolt. The movie is simply spectacular with superb cinematography, plot, and storyline that makes it worth the watch.

  • The Equalizer

Denzel Washington has always been on top of his game when it comes to giving his best. The Equalizer is proof that he can pull off intense roles easily. With an amazing storyline, the movie discusses a dedicated but mysterious man McCall (Denzel) that comes to the rescue of a young girl from Russian gangsters.

However, it’s the deadly skills and the presence of mind that make McCall so dangerous. In other words, he’s the equalizer when you’re against something big. The action-packed thriller is a must-watch for this week.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Although the list can include some other titles as well, still, you can begin with these. The ones mentioned above are quite special in the category and pack the action-filled thrill that you need for the weekend!


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