On Monday Sun's Aron Baynes in doubtfull- Here's the reason why?
On Monday Sun's Aron Baynes in doubtfull- Here's the reason why?

Phoenix sun’s Ozzie man Aron Baynes is in doubt for the face off against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday. According to the sources, after being injured on the left hip, he has been unsure of the match. Deandre Ayton can play in his place if he is announced ruled out.

Baynes got the hip injury in November last year and many are suspecting that the recent soreness he is suffering from is the part of the previous injury.

In November, he was injured after taking a knee from Jaylen Brown, his former teammate, of Boston Celtics to whom they lost that match. After being injured last year Aron Baynes had gone through a hard time maintaining the standard league value.

On Monday Sun’s Aron Baynes in doubtfull- Here’s the reason why?

Despite being born in New Zealand, he started his professional career in Europe in the year 2009. Before that, he played college Basketball for Washington state university. In Europe, he played in several countries like Lithuania, Germany, Greece, and Slovenia.

In the year 2013, Aron Baynes signed for San Antonio Spurs and won an NBA championship in the following year. He played for Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, etc and still represents the Australian National Basketball Team. Last year he was signed by Phoenix sun after the suspension of Deandre Ayton for using a diuretic.

For Australia, he took part in the 2010 Turkey FIBA world championship, 2012 London summer Olympics, 2014 FIBA Basketball world cup Spain, 2016 Brazil summer Olympics and 2019 China FIBA Basketball world cup.