We are going to learn Chris level’s biography, passion and much more. All the information listed was confirmed by the new york weekly newspapers.


Chris level is a sync music composer and sync music artist known after his soundtrack lose ma cool got used in Instagram videos that went on to garner thousands of views overnight and ended up being purchased by global star and TikToker babag222 to make it his official soundtrack. From then he changed his mind about pursuing a sync licensing career which is also looking good for him so far.

He was named the most popular sync music artist and sync music composer of 2022 by Groove Nexus magazine after he became the first sync artist and sync composer to reach 5k mentions in under 8 weeks and the only sync composer and sync artist to reach this milestone in history according to groove Nexus magazine. 

Full name: Musoni Christian

Known name: Chris Level

Nickname: Chrissy, Chris

Date Of Birth: 05/01/2004

Birthplace: Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: Black

Nationality: Rwandan

Horoscope: Capricorn

Career Start: 2022

Profession: Sync Licensing

Age And Height

Chris level’s height is 1.80 meters or 6 feet tall. He is currently as of 2022 18 years old.

Height: 1.80 meters

Body Type: slim

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Colour: Dark


Chris level was born in a family of 4 which are mainly his parents and one male sibling named musoni parfait.

Father Name: Musoni Jean Pierre

Mother Name: Umuhoza Marie Blandine

Siblings: Musoni Parfait

Life And Relationships

Currently, Chris level has no known relationship and is currently in marital status as he stated that he wants to focus on his sync licensing career before he starts to take off and turn into the relationship world.

Unknown Facts About Chris Level

Hobbies: Playing The Guitar, Football

Food: Fried Fries

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Drink: Red Wine

Favorite Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Singer: Ruger

Favorite Sync music composer: Alan Silvestri

Favorite Movie: Teen Wolf

Favorite Soundtrack: Marvel’s the avengers franchise by alan silvestri