Cherokee Trail Cougars beat Smoky Hill Buffalo 71-53 on Wednesday, February 5. Makira Hemingway led the Cherokee Trail by 20 points, scoring 4 rebounds and 5 assists. Dominique Rodriguez contributed 14 points, two rebounds, and four assists. Cherokee Trail stays home and plays Grand View, Smoky Hill plays Overland. Smoky Hill has not reported statistics for the team or players in this contest.

Democratic presidential candidates turn their attention to Colorado

The competitive Democratic presidential camp is paying renewed attention to Colorado as the eighth. The remaining candidates rush through the first contests on the way to Super Tuesday.

In Denver, Pete Buttigieg calls for action on climate change and armed violence: “This can’t wait four years”. After winning in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders plans to visit Denver on Sunday. Sanders outperforms Buttigieg in New Hampshire, consolidating top Democratic candidates.


Makayla Hemingway led the Cherokee Trail with 20 points scored while also having four rebounds and five assists. Dominique Rodríguez helped the effort by contributing 14 points, two rebounds, and four assists.

Cherokee Trail will stay at home and play Grandview, while Smoky Hill will travel to play on land. Smoky Hill has not reported any team or player statistics for this contest.

The highlight of the season: Hemingway suffered a torn knee ligament at the end of his club’s season before the second year season and had to stay out of the whole year, so his return to the Cherokee Trail is Season was highly anticipated. New coach Tammi Traylor-Statewright was glad to have a Hemingway back in the lineup and once he learned to trust his repaired knee.

Hemingway’s love for shooting triples did not fade during his absence and knocked down 63 of them during his youth campaign, which he published and posted an average of 14.3 points per team.