Report: When- frustrated- Stephen- curry -nearly- left -under- Armour- shoe -company
Report: When- frustrated- Stephen- curry -nearly- left -under- Armour- shoe -company

Report: Frustrated Steph Curry approximately left Under shield. Warrior star Steph Curry and Under Armor almost bankrupt ties in 2018 after a disagreement

Warriors star Steph Curry almost sent his lucrative partnership with Under Armor in 2018 after a dispute with a shoe company, according to the New York Times this week.

Under Armor leaders in a meeting with Curry in the summer of 2018 gave a big boost to convince the MVP twice that the deal not end.

According to the Times, both sides had serious problems with a society that pays Curry about $ 20 million a year. Kevin Plank, founder, and CEO of UA was not happy that Curry did not use the Under Armor games. Meanwhile, Curry was disappointed because the sales of his Curry 3 shoes were not very good.

Report: When frustrated Stephen curry nearly left under Armour shoe company

The Times reported that Under Armor has revised its agreement with Curry to include a separate trademark just for him. Curry also got a stronger voice in product decisions.

As you will remember, the first signs of Curry’s “Under Armor” discontent were in 2017 after Planck praised President Trump. Planck said the president was a “real asset” to the country, prompting Curry to say that Planck was right if he got rid of the “e” and “t” of the “asset.”

Curry, 31, who received a broken arm and appeared in four games for disappointing warriors this season, is still waiting to return to court this year.

The executives of Under Armor had a huge effort during a meeting with Curry in the summer of 2018 to convince the double MVP not to terminate his contract.

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Keeping Curry onboard has rewarded dividends for Under Armour, which symbols 76ers All-Star center Joel Embiid to a shoe deal last year with the assist of Curry.


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