Deontay Wilder's incredible body transformation from 2008 Olympics to now
Deontay Wilder's incredible body transformation from 2008 Olympics to now

Everyone knows and loves Deontay Wilder, the unstoppable, grumpy and tattooed heavyweight boxing weights don’t always do this.

Wilder’s rudeness was not always like that.

Returning to the 2008 Olympic Games, he seemed embarrassed in front of the camera, which is far from today.

Bronze Bomber did not lose his professional career and knocked out all but two in 43 battles.

A Tyson Fury who has not defeated will find him again in a square circle in Las Vegas on February 22 after a December 2018 draw.

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Deontay Wilder's incredible body transformation from 2008 Olympics to now
Deontay Wilder’s incredible body transformation from 2008 Olympics to now

This was far from the beginning of Wilder’s boxing trip, which decided to abandon the NBA dream and leave the university.

He did three editions of work and became a father at the age of 19. He soon met coach Jay Death and took him to the pass to begin his boxing training. 30-5 of.

The bronze bomber recovered bronze in 2008 after losing to Clementerusso of Italy in the semifinals.

The strength of his arms appeared on the surface at the end of his career, with 41 knockouts in 43 battles.

In an interview with, Wilder discovered his secret to producing diet-based energy instead of addressing weight.

Eat a delicious breakfast that includes pancakes, Polish sausages, putty sausages and delicious eggs.

One morning like mac egg muffins, which spins through it during breakfast hours.

Come back at 11:30 a.m. and eat a good Alfredo chicken pasta with corn cobs. Maybe there is delicious toasted garlic bread with a protein shake.

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In the morning we also have a protein shake for breakfast. [Afternoon] there is a sandwich. May contain ham and cheese, tuna and two hard-boiled eggs.

The 5 p.m. meal It consists of Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and green beans, and like many red potatoes. Eat much more mountain.

And at 7:30 pm, there is a good T-bone steak and even red potatoes. There may be pumpkin and green beans there. “

Bronze Bomber, the winner of Ethan Cox, the first professional fight of 2008, weighs 14 pounds and 8 pounds, weighs 13 pounds before the last fight with Luis Ortiz and almost wins stone.


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