Will Kobe Bryant Succeed in the NBA?

There are many people that think the Kobe Bryant story will only be successful in the NBA. They don’t understand how good a player Kobe is. When it comes to hard play and perseverance, he may be the best on the planet. This article will not talk about his NBA playing career, but will show the dedication and success he had while training for his AAU basketball team.

A team needs to be organized, but a full-court sprint for miles doesn’t necessarily need to involve enough energy. For this reason, the core of a team must consist of people that have hard working personalities. At first, it was a struggle for the team as they couldn’t decide on how to run the training.

There were so many ideas thrown around, and people thought they would all fit. As soon as they realized how they could make the team work, they actually succeeded in creating a successful team. The most important person in the entire team was Kobe, but everyone on the team learned what true teamwork was all about.

It took a lot of guts for Kobe to go up against opponents on his AAU team when he was a high schooler. He went through several practices trying to get used to getting hit from behind. It didn’t take long for him to figure out how to protect himself, but it took everyone else on the team about three weeks to realize that Kobe was going to win and not let anyone get by him.

Not only did Kobe get ready for games, but he also spent a lot of time with his team during the summer. He trained before the season started, and then he watched AAU games during the regular season. Kobe knew that he was going to make the big leap and the world was going to see it, but it took some people a few tries to accept it.

At the beginning of the season, there was a small thing that happened. Every team had a player that was very fast, but Kobe was too slow. Before the game started, every player on the team took a deep breath and went at full speed on Kobe. While they thought it was going to be a fantastic move, no one thought that Kobe was going to be able to keep up with them.

When the game ended, a player named Mike Elliot approached Kobe and asked if he was alright. Apparently, he had collided with Bryant and missed some teeth, but he told them that he had made the other team mad and that Kobe had hit him hard enough to cause injury. Luckily, the injury was minor, but not before it put everyone on the team on edge.

Everyone was afraid that Kobe was going to get away and never come back, but he worked out the next day and returned to the team. Kobe continued to work on his game and grew in his basketball skills, and after that small incident, he became a star in the NBA.

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