Leon Boss 'Nacho' ambriz says Carlos Vela is Mexico's best player
Leon Boss 'Nacho' ambriz says Carlos Vela is Mexico's best player

Leon’s coach Ignacio Ambris believes the 2019 MLS MVP is Mexico’s best player and that if he wants to win the LAFC, he will have to find a way to stop Bella.

LAFC and Leon will take part in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League quarter-final slate in Guanajuato on Tuesday night.

The Major League Soccer team arrived in Mexico last night for their first practice session at Leon Stadium.

The winner of the Supporter Shield made his first international game in his history and theoretically, Leon should be a favorite for that reason, because they have become one of the most consistent teams in LaLiga MX in recent years.

But for Ignacio  Ambriz at home, the game against LAFC will be very tough as it will face Carlos Bella.

Leon Boss 'Nacho' ambriz says Carlos Vela is Mexico's best player
Leon Boss ‘Nacho’ ambriz says Carlos Vela is Mexico’s best player

There are no Mexican players as good as Carlos Bella at the current. The way he reads the game is incredible and he can win the game with a play, goal or assist.

We’ve been researching it for a while, but you’d know how to stop it. The shorter the time we get on the ball, the more chances we have to win this game,” Ambriz said in a press conference Monday before the game.

What Leon expects from LAFC
Believe it or not, the 2020 season will begin today with Los Angeles Football Club, who will make his debut in the CONCACAF Champions League in Guanajuato.

They have played several pre-season games, but this is not a disadvantage for the MLS team because they have played only six games in LaLiga MX.

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Ambriz said that It’s been the first match of this tournament since October last year, so we’ve prepared to play the best version of LAFC, not in the pre-season.

They represent the MLS and we represent La Liga MX,”.

The home side will feel some pain on Monday morning and will not have Costa Rica’s international striker Joel Campbell, who was scheduled to undergo appendicitis surgery. Ambris said It’s a big loss for me and for us,


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