OG is undergoing the most important changes that will certainly change Dota 2 forever.

OG recently made headlines with changes to its list, so much so that fans fear for the future of their beloved Dota 2 team. With Anafan “Ana” Fam, who takes a long break and Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka leaving the professional scene It makes people wonder what will happen to OG. But with the arrival of OG Seed and OG CS: GO, this could mean a new chapter for an accredited organization.

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What will be the future of one of the best esports teams in the world
What will be the future of one of the best esports teams in the world

The OG Dota 2 team is undoubtedly one of the best eSports teams in the world. They have a long list of achievements, which includes the only team that won the International twice in a row. The team also won several specializations along the way and other small tournaments.

But most importantly, the team has shown the world that there are no limits or limits at all if you decide this. This driving passion that united the world to celebrate and be part of something else was the most significant achievement of OG. And over the years, this has been an adventure for everyone, but with each trip, an end will inevitably come.

Last Saturday, O.G. He announced that the god of the transfer, Anatan “Ana”, Fam, will take a long break and return next season. OG announced that Ana will return to the Dota Pro Circuit 2020-2021 season to play in the front position of OG.

In addition, OG announced that its third position player Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka will spend his days off stage. Jeux has officially left Dota 2 professional and will not be at the forefront of the active OG list. He did not leave the organization but will support him from the side.

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