Why Does a Pool Table Need a Super Strong Magnet?
Why Does a Pool Table Need a Super Strong Magnet?

Billiards have been the game that is loved by many. It is a cue sport. It is also called as snooker, carom billiard, pool, or merely a cue sport. Carom billiard is known as French billiards. A popular form of billiards is three-cushion billiards.

Billiards is played on a billiards table or a pool table. Made with a quarried slate, the surface is flat and covered with cloth. Vulcanized rubber cushions are surrounding the table, and the holes are elevated above the floor.

The cushions made of; usually, vulcanized rubber is used for rebounding the ball from the walls without losing much of the kinetic energy. The bed is the flat surface of the pool table.

A small bed is made with one or two slates, whereas a carom, English board, or a tournament size board is made using three slates. A full-size pool table employs five slates.
The table is covered with a cloth to provide friction to the balls when hit.

Why Does a Pool Table Need a Super Strong Magnet?
Why Does a Pool Table Need a Super Strong Magnet?

The color is usually green because the original billiard was played on lawns. The green color shows the garden. A good quality cloth will run for a very long time whereas a cheap will slow down the ball and is not durable.

There are pockets in the corner of the pool table. Traditionally, the pockets would have pockets to catch the ball when it goes in the hole. In the new tables, there is a system of gutters starting from the pockets and ending on one side of the table.

When the balls go into the hole, it is brought out to one side of the table, ready for collection. In this way, the balls will not have to retreat from the pocket every time.

The cue ball of a pool table is unique. To get the balls out of a pool table, one has to put in coins. Put in the coin in the slot and push it in. The unique system of the pool table has magnets.

These magnets identify the coins, and the balls are released. After the balls are released, the players play until all the balls go back in.

When the balls are in, they cannot be retrieved. To retrieve the balls, new coins have to be put in. So what will happen if the cue ball is pocketed? The cue ball can be retrieved. The pool table is crafted in a very creative while keeping the cue ball in mind.

A cue ball has metal inside it. When the balls go in, they all go into one place through one tunnel. The cue ball as well goes in the same way, but its path changes at the starting of the table. There is a magnet at the beginning of the table.

It pulls the ball towards itself, and the track of cue ball changes and the cue ball is not stuck with the other balls. The player can retrieve the ball and continue the game.

If the magnet is not strong enough to pull the ball and differentiate the coins put in, then the game is interrupted, or it never starts. The cue ball magnet is essential. Thus, the magnets need to be strong.


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