Qualcomm Stadium
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The world is a place full of sports enthusiasts. Who carrying so much love for football, hockey, baseball, cricket and whatnot. The need for a better and bigger stadium has always been on top of the queue. However, that has always resulted in iconic infrastructures. SDCCU STADIUM also prior known as Qualcomm Stadium is a perfect example of such stadiums. Not only sports, but this multi-purpose stadium has served itself as a host to many non-sports events.SO let us dig deeper and garner some information about this place


SDCCU Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium, situated in San Diego, California, United States. This stadium inaugurated in 1967 is well known as JACK MURPHY STADIUM from 1981-1997. In the early 1960s, local sportswriter, the brother of broadcaster Bob Murphy, started showing an inclination towards the stadium. Indeed, it resulted in the development of a multi-purpose stadium in San Diego. So this impeccable stadium is an idea of the Murphy brothers. After the construction of the stadium, the facility was named SAN DIEGO STADIUM. Later after the death of Jack Murphy in September 1980, it was renamed SAN DIEGO-JACK MURPHY STADIUM in his honor.


San Diego Stadium has a capacity of around 50000 multicolored seats. Initially, when it opened. It is a very grand three-tier grandstand. Also, which is in the shape of a horseshoe, and also has an open South end.The stadium remained the same until 1983. Afterward which the authorities planned to reshape it by adding over 9000 bleachers. Besides, it added to the stadium’s lower deck, raising the stadium’s capacity to 59,022. Indeed, which added the glory of the stadium and resulted as the most vital addition. Later on, 11000 additional seats get to add to the number while hosting Super Bowl in 1998. However, bringing its capacity over 71000.
The stadium gets immediately northwest of the interchange of Interstate 8 and 15. The neighborhoods surrounding the stadium is known as MISSION VALLEY. Also, it situates near the San Diego River. Moreover, it has direct green line connectivity to downtown.

The stadium is located immediately northwest of the interchange of Interstate 8 and 15. The neighborhoods surrounding the stadium is known as MISSION VALLEY. Also, it is situated near the San Diego River. Moreover, it has direct green line connectivity to downtown.

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Main Sports Events

It is home to the San Diego State Aztecs Football team. The team represents San Diego State University. Also, Holiday Bowl the college game held in December every year. It was also home to San Diego Fleet of the Alliance of American Football in early 2019.  The Chargers of the National Football League (NFL ), were the major tenants of the stadium from the year 1967 to 2016. Later they moved to Los Angeles to become the Los Angeles Chargers. Furthermore, It has also served its purpose as a host to the PADRES. They played their home games in the stadium from 1969 to 2003, all the seasons. However, later they moved to PETCO Park in Downtown Sandiego

During an event in Qualcomm Stadium.
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It is not only serving the locals but it has been serving world series for a very long time. The stadium has hosted three SUPER BOWLS:   1.SUPER BOWL XXII in 1998. 2)SUPER BOWL XXXII in 1988. 3).SUPER BOWL XXXVII in 2003.

Other Major Games Hosted


Stadium Configurations

Most interestingly, Qualcomm stadium accommodates all the dimensions of football and baseball fields. The lower half of this stadium is concrete, which lies in the southern quadrant of this stadium. Also, the rest of the stadium intends to get built in such a way to keep it modular. The elements used in the construction are aluminum and steel.
During the stadium design for the baseball, authorities kept few things in mind.

Notably, the construction designs such a way that the portable section gets a place in the western quadrant. Also, the third base left field side. Moreover, PADRES’ final five seasons stadium is a popular event. That gets the crowd and takes on the shape of the home-plate itself.
In the football configuration, the seating section adjusts in the stadium’s northern quadrant, which allows the football field to lie out east-west.

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Non-Sports Events

Soccer sports concerts are a frequently happening event in Qualcomm stadium. The concept where a sports field gets converts into a music and entertainment venue. AEG leased the area to the open-air amphitheater for concerts and other entertainment programs. Many famous artists performed here from 1976 till the latest with May 8, 2020, by the rolling stones. The humongous infrastructure with mass accommodation is a vital source of attraction for concerts, shootings, and sports. Furthermore, Billy Graham, the famous figure, hosted a crusade at the stadium in 2003.

During the cedar fire in October 2003 and California wildfire 2007 the Qualcomm proving its versatility. The Qualcomm stadium has expressed social responsibility and commitment in many times. For instance, Qualcomm Stadium Stadium served as an evacuation center for those affected in the living areas. Moreover, the boy’s scouts in the 1990s used the portions of parking lots to conduct annual scout fair. So other than sports events, Qualcomm Stadium is space for other popular events to show.

Present Situation

Many events have to cancel and postpone in April and May due to COVID 19. However, many games and events have rescheduled. Currently, the Qualcomm stadium has ongoing events. But there is a drastic decrease in the spectators, due to the COVID pandemic. Also, the reduction in the crowd harms the stadium authorities. The revenue and the profit of the stadium have reduced due to this.
However, in this pandemic situation, the stadium facilities have made the events to get restart with its limitations. Many football events and Breakaway Music Festival is happening in August in Qualcomm stadium.


Many people have confusion regarding the present name of Qualcomm Stadium.
In 2017, the name right of Qualcomm stadium expired.The fact is that the stadium’s name rights expired in 2017, and now it is officially known as the SDCCU stadium. However, the popular name of the stadium is Qualcomm, and the official name is SDCCU. As discussed above, the versatility of the stadium to organize events is one it’s highlighting parts. The spectators will have a fantastic event experience from the stadium. Let’s hope more exciting and popular events to take place in Qualcomm stadium. level