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The uncontrolled negativity about the chance of playing school football in the fall of 2020 has spiraled into a fatality. You can now relax because there are zero chances of college football games during this fall. The chances are nil via any kind of real or virtual platform. So, if you want to watch a game of college football, then you have to wait for more than a year. Yes, that is the interval before the next game takes place. College football is one of the games that are most unlikely to make a proper comeback. The obvious reason for the same is the massive COVID situation. So, expecting any semblance of a match before 2021 Week Zero will be a bonus.

With the MLS battling in what we call a bubble, the MLB authorities are messing up the testing segment of its return. Besides, there is an expanding measure of negativity about the possibility of an NFL season. So, nothing but a clinical wonder can spare game of college football this fall. According to a Power Five Athletic Director, there is no way in which games may resume considering the current scenario. The speaker says that he is confident about a massive comeback. However, the same may take not less than a year from now.

The vague strategies of the NFL

There is a brutal truth about how the leaders of college football approached the game this season. The basis of their comeback plan was nothing but an abstract ray of hope. Yes, they were hoping that the COVID-19 scenario will not last long and that the pandemic will be over. It seems that they also hoped that the college campus will not be a vulnerable place for the virus to live long and affect students. Besides, the leaders and officials were also hopeful that they will soon come up with a solution of how to play a contact sport when social distancing was a part of the protocol. The most unrealistic fact is that the leaders of college football could even imagine that they can handle the situation by applying a vaccine to the players.

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As you can understand that a strategy built on a mere ray of hope cannot be something valid. Moreover, almost 6-7 coaches have already told the media that they are no more hopeful about any way of controlling the situation. All the athletic directors and coaches have only one thing in mind right now. It is that a situation when something inevitable may happen. On the other hand, a high-profile college official has already stated that no one is going to play football during the fall of 2020. Moreover, he added that everyone is just waiting for the unfolding session and how the officials are going to declare the news. The declaration will be the end of all hopes.

Is a comeback for college football in this situation a good decision?

Playing college football safely is a vague idea and is completely untenable. More so, given the present situation of the United States of America. Here, more than 70,000 people have tested positive which is also the highest number recorded on a single day. College campuses are experiencing outbreaks all over the country. Moreover, there are surges in regions such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

We can now term college football as a four-touchdown underdog and the credit for the same goes to all the individual campuses mainly. The academic needs along with the failure to incorporate 13,000 FBS players and protect them are also factors to be blamed. The NBA’s initiative for a comeback with complete safety protocol costs $150 million as is nothing but tenuous. Keeping that in mind, hoping for a college football comeback this fall season is like trying to carry a lighted candle while walking through a hurricane. The most intriguing improvement with regards to calls this end of the week was the wild uptick of pessimism in NFL groups about the season, as there are expanding barriers for that group to play football this fall.

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According to another NFL official holding a vital rank, there is a catch. If a player under contract plays even one game in the season, the club will be liable to pay him the entire salary. He says that it is very strange to see that the NFL is determined to make a comeback despite such adverse situations. Besides, such plans are completely illogical based on functionality, financial structure, and health risks. It is surely going to be difficult to witness how everything unfolds.

The chronology of probable events

If you want to check out the Big Ten’s and Pac-12, then looking at the safety and health aspect is not the way. Rather, there are mandatory chronological steps that are there.

  • Status quo (Big 12, ACC, and The Sec are here)
  • Ability to delay and conference to play
  • The Spring
  • Cancellation

The above-mentioned are just the basic assumptions of probable cases that may take place. However, the greed of television inventory may lead to more modifications.

On the contrary, college coaches are still in a situation that is in between being exasperated and bewildered. It is their responsibility to motivate a group and also shuffle unmatched logistics. These will help the players to come back to the campus safely and not get affected by the novel coronavirus. However, the worst part is that the entire preparation is on despite there being no hope of any matches in the upcoming season.

The coaches are still in tension because it seems they are having to push the limits until something adverse takes place. They are scared thinking what if a player is affected most dangerously and has to be hospitalized for the same. It will be the next Rudy Gobert shutdown moment for everyone. However, it is a good thing that nobody from Clemson, North Carolina, or Texas has gone to the hospital after testing positive. However, the tension remains, and more so for the players who are constantly experiencing symptoms that match with the infection.


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