Which Clippers players could be in the trading block?

We are only a few days away from the NBA trade deadline, which will officially end trading for the rest of the 2019-2020 season. There have been a few small previous deals, but like most league franchises, the Los Angeles Clippers have not budged yet.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t. According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, several teams in the league expect the Clippers to make at least one swap this week, specifically signaling their interest in adding a large or a wing.

Stein didn’t mention any specific names the Clippers observed, but rumors have linked players like Robert Covington, Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young to Los Angeles in one way or another.

NBA- Trade- Deadline- Which- L.A-. Clippers- Players- Could- Be- On- the- Trading- Block?
NBA- Trade- Deadline- Which- L.A-. Clippers- Players- Could- Be- On- The- Trading- Block?

Recent history tells us that the Clippers will be active, and the moves they decide on my surprise. In 2018, Los Angeles sent the cornerstone of the Blake Griffin franchise to the Detroit Pistons for a package created around Tobias Harris, which was then changed to the Philadelphia 76ers just before the 2019 deadline.

The Clippers won’t trade any of their superstars this season, but some players seem more likely to be traded than not. Here are three players who could be treated before the Thursday deadline.

Moe Harkless

Moe Harkless has been a solid addition to this Los Angeles Clippers team, especially in defense. This has long been an advantage at this end of the floor and it fits well with the Clippers’ plan. What makes him special is his ability to defend several positions: Harkless faced armed bases, guards fire and strikers with relative ease.


He fought some strikers with a more forced power, which is normal given his structure. It hasn’t been a major issue so far, but it could get you into trouble in the playoffs. It’s not your fault either. He is simply better prepared (or at least more willing) to play this position than Kawhi Leonard or Paul George.

Hark’s real drawback is to score. With the exception of certain edge flushes from time to time, this is not the most reliable option. He hit double digits by scoring only seven times this season, the last of which occurred on January 2. Since then, he has averaged 4.0 points per game and shoots less than 31% over a three-point range.

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