MIAMI Dwayne Wade has Christmas.

Disagree? Name one player who has won more games on December 25 than Wade’s 10 wins.

After offering a fair share of holiday highlights, Wade’s opinion on Christmas sports matters. What he is most suggesting is that the NBA is changing the way he picks a matchup.

“Christmas games must be earned,” Wade wrote on Twitter Monday evening. “Let’s look at the surprise factor in the schedule. Well-played teams need to play on Christmas Day.”

In theory, the reasoning used makes sense. This could prevent the two worst teams in the NBA from playing Gian-less Pelicans and Steph / Kel-less Warriors on Christmas Eve.

Additionally, early-season games can mean something tricky for fans. However, it is difficult to implement.

Dwyane Wade needs to change the manner of NBA picks its Christmas games. Here's the reason
Dwyane Wade needs to change the manner of NBA picks its Christmas games. Here’s the reason

For starters, the cut-off date can be a problem. To give fans enough time to buy tickets, the NBA must choose the best teams as opposed to devising their entire Christmas plan to participate in the game.

On top of that, the idea used is that the real-time scheduling process has a significant impact on the way it works.

Without believing the point, here are some facts: The NBA’s regular season consists of 1,230 games in which each team will meet four times in its division, six teams in its conference and four in its division and not twice in the regular season.

To complicate matters further, it turns four times against six teams every five years.
Remember, this is not just the beginning of field availability, official breaks and even for NBA TV partners.

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Also, with efforts to reduce the number of back-to-backs, adding a surprising factor could ruin a good team in the long run if they want to play the other side on December 26.

To work, it communicates well between teams, the NBA’s scheduling and game operations department, and most importantly, the computer programs that cause all of the above.

Should it be done? Perhaps, but does the risk outweigh the reward?

As one of the game’s greatest ambassadors, Wade’s voice carries weight. Don’t leave the Heat legend to campaign for what he believes. If he decides to follow it, it will schedule the NBA forever.


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