NBA Trade Rumors are Going Crazy: Chris Paul, Stay or Go?
NBA Trade Rumors are Going Crazy: Chris Paul, Stay or Go?

It’s January, and NBA trade rumors are crazy. I want to take some time to address one of the forgotten operations that were expected throughout the year.

NBA trade rumors
After successful exchange of Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, the general assumption was that Thunder would change Paul immediately. A few months later, Paul remains in his Thunder uniform.

Thunder is not a candidate for the championship but is not the worst team in the NBA. They are currently in seventh place on the record 24-19.

A general assumption in the league is that Chris Paul alone was not enough to take Thunder to the playoffs, so it needs to be changed. But there is a problem. Which team does Chris Paul need?

NBA Trade Rumors are Going Crazy: Chris Paul, Stay or Go?
NBA Trade Rumors are Going Crazy: Chris Paul, Stay or Go?

One of Chris Paul’s first suitors who appeared this summer after the exchange was Miami Heat. Many thought that Paul could take the average heat team and turn it into an eastern contestant. In the middle of the season, the heat was much better than average.

They are currently second in the east. His young Tyler Hero cores, Kendrick Nan and Bam Adebayo are playing much better than expected.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler’s veteran duo and Golan Dragick also shine. Given these facts, it doesn’t really make sense for the heat to win the pole at this point.

Many of Paul’s other suitors, such as Bucks, Lakers, and Timberwolves, do not really have the means or needs of former Starpoint Guard bases that are not young.

There is another problem in Chris Paul’s commercial situation. Which team is going to take on your contract? Paul is playing his 14th season in the NBA and he is not young.

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Please tell me the number
He comes from one of the worst stats seasons of his career and is trying to average similar numbers this year.

Teams willing to accept Paul’s contract will do so only in the hope of winning the championship. At this stage of his career, it is not known if Paul can raise the team to the championship level.


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