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The second tier club of the English Rugby Union says they are losing millions of pounds

The impact of the early end of the championship season on March 20 amid the coronavirus epidemic has resulted in RFU cuts to central club funding. In February only, clubs were informed that Rugby Federal Union cash may drop to around £ 250,000 over the next two seasons. As a result, many clubs like Nottingham and London Scottish have decided to become semi-professionals.

What’s the approximate value of a loss on Rugby Unions?

Coventry President John Sharp told our sources that he expects a loss of around £ 750,000 in revenue if he did not resume it again until September.

It’s a similar story in Nottingham, East Midlands, which he hopes to lose between £ 300,000 and £ 400,000. Due to an epidemic, ending his time as a fully professional team.

Coronavirus influence complicated the already difficult situation in the championship. Established more than a decade ago, the second tier of the 12-person team was fully professional and a route for young English talents to gain experience in the presidency and before joining the national team.

But the Rugby Federal Union claims the league’s record of developing players which have not been excellent. With some clubs, and announces stage funding cuts that we will see core cash drop from £ 534,000 to £ 288,000 this season in 2022.

A statement released by the officials:-

“I felt it was gross,” said Pirates of Cornwall President Paul Durkin. As he said we do not know that there has been a significant performance indicator. As the championship clubs were not acknowledged of it”. Coventry President Sharp said: “He said ‘You are not producing enough players for England through the Rugby Championship.”

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But it is the second level players who will feel the most cuts and the worst part of the coronavirus. Jersey Reds center Mark Best will depart for the island and initially agreed to sign with another team on the second tier.

As he also added:- “It is surely difficult to know what really is happening”.

All about the financial uncertainty of the Rugby Union:-

A particular concern for the clubs is that, after the announcement of their funding cuts. They have not yet received official confirmation on the level of funding they will receive from next season’s Rugby Federal Union. “This will allow us to plan ahead.”

Even as we come to know BBC Sport tried to contact Rugby Federal Union for comment, but the response has not yet been received.

With some professional sports action behind closed doors. There is a chance that the championship is the only sure way to advance to rugby.

However, the proportion of revenue that championship clubs generate through entry receipts probably concerns second-tier teams. “For championship clubs in general, the local public really saves lives,” said Pirates of Cornwall President Durkin. Coventry President Sharp said: “We will have no income and we will pay everyone.