Better at Golf

Want to lower your golf score but don’t know how? Let’s fix that.

There’s a lot of advanced golf tricks out there, but going back to basics is best for improving your game. And while these may not be the most exciting aspects of golf, they will give you the foundation to one day master the more impressive skills, including choosing and using different golf bags effectively.

Ready to get golfing? Keep reading to learn how to get better at golf so you can be confident on the course.

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Proper Form

Before you even swing your club, you’ll want to check your posture.

For balance, keep your hips over your ankles, hinge a bit at the hips, and have a slight bend in your knees. For mobility, engage your core and keep your shoulders up and back.

Shift around within the posture to see what feels most comfortable for your body. And remember, your perfect stance doesn’t have to look exactly like someone else’s!

Pitch and Chip

One of the most important golf tips is knowing when to pitch and when to chip, both of which get you on the green to putt. Pitching is when the ball flies through the air but doesn’t roll much on the green. Chipping is when the ball doesn’t get much air but rolls a bit on the green.

You want to pitch when you’re faced with an obstacle like thick grass or a bunker. And you want to chip when there’s lots of green before the hole and you’re not faced with an obstacle.

Putting Rhythm

If you want to be a consistent golf player, you have to develop a putting rhythm. This will keep you solidified in your technique even when nerves begin to arise.

To develop this rhythm, do a putting exercise used by the pros. Put 10 balls in a circle around the hole. They should all be 3 feet away from the hole and evenly spaced out from each other.

In terms of putting technique, the club should go back 25% and go through 75%. Go around the circle and putt each ball into the hole keeping this in mind. This will get you into a putting rhythm that your body can tap into when there’s pressure to make the shot.

Track Your Game

To become a great golf player, you’ll have to start tracking your games. An efficient way to do this is through a golf scoring app.

This will show you the weak spots in your game so that you can work to improve them. Not to mention, it allows you to see your improvement over time and be proud of how far you’ve come as an athlete.

Now You Know How To Get Better at Golf

Now that you know how to get better at golf, you can go to the course and apply what you’ve learned. And while it may take a little while to get these skills down pat, practice always makes progress. Now get on the green and show everyone what you’re made of!

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