sachin tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is now the victim of covid-19. He took the test last week and went to hospice facilities.

The legendary cricketer informed about his covid-19 positive result from his Twitter handle on Friday. He assured his fans that he is under the absolute supervision of doctors with necessary precautions and measures.

The ex-Indian cricket champion said he would be back in good health soon at his home.

There is a sudden hike in covid-19 cases in various cities in India, especially in Mumbai.

The 47-year-old former cricketer happens to be the victim of the second wave of coronavirus in India. The experts are saying the resurgence could be deadly.

Second Wave of Coronavirus in India

There are already reports of 81466 new covid-19 cases in India. The numbers of deaths in this second wave were 469 till Thursday. The death toll is the highest now since December.

India has seen a decrease in death tolls and covid-19 infections from January. The daily numbers were below 15000. Unfortunately, the norovirus infection started rising from March again due to lack of tests and failed safety measures.

Most cases were found in Maharashtra’s western cities, where Sachin Tendulkar’s home is.

India is looking at over 12.2 million covid-19 patients, and more than 163000 deaths in this devastating coronavirus engulfed the world. The country ranked in the third position behind the United States in terms of most infected covid-19 cases. The most affected country in the world is brazil, but its rate of death according to its per capita is significantly lower.

The death toll of India is 118 casualties per million, where Brazil and the USA reported 1487 and 1668 per million, respectively.

The vaccination process needs to speed up

The vaccination started in India in January. There are 65 million people in India who have already received coronavirus vaccines. The experts are saying that the speed must be increased immediately to control the contamination.

The government is saying that they have been taking as many precautions as they could take.

The contagious virus is such an unpredictable one that no one can expect something like this resurgence. The situation is getting very delicate day by day in India.

Restrictions again in several states in India

Several states in India are now again putting restrictions on gatherings, social distancing, with other necessary safety measures to fight the surge of the virus.

Cricket fans wish Sachin Tendulkar a sooner recovery

Master Blaster Tendulkar expressed his gratitude to his fans for hoping and praying for him. His friends from the cricket world and teammates also wished him a sooner recovery.

Tendulkar retired from professional cricket in 2013. His popularity is something that does not tend to fade away even a bit.

He recently took part in the Road Safety World Series Challenge, a veterans’ tournament in the central Indian city of Raipur.

Sachin Tendulkar’s glorious career

Sachin Tendulkar debuted with international cricket in 1989 in November when he was just 16 years old. He had a long 24 year celebrated career in Cricket.

He scored 15921 runs in Test cricket, and it’s a world record as no other player has yet able to touch this record. The legendary player is the sole cricket player to achieve 100 centuries in international cricket.

There were many memorable instances in his career, but in 2008 December, he played against England and scored 103; that was remarkable. India’s victory in that match came just after the devastating terror attack in his home town Mumbai.