The Los Angeles Clippers made franchise history last season by making it to the Western Conference Finals for the first time ever. It goes without saying that expectations for the Clippers this season is higher than ever.

So what can we expect from the Clippers this year? Are they western title contenders, or will they be a one-year wonder?

That’s exactly what we’re here to look at today. If you’re a Clippers fan, read this NBA season preview to find out more about their new roster and their season expectations.

LA Clippers Roster

The Los Angeles Clippers added three rookies to their rosters with a trio of late-round picks. These players are Keon Johnson, Jason Preston, and Brandon Boston Jr. 

It’s hard to tell how many minutes these rookies will play, given the amount of talent that the Clippers retained. All-star Paul George is returning after a great postseason, as is Reggie Jackson, who was red-hot during the playoffs.

Terrence Mann, the standout youngster from Florida State, is definitely going to see more minutes. The center position will still go to the dependable Ivica Zubac.

Out of all the injured Clippers players, Kawhi Leonard is drawing the most headlines. Kawhi suffered a torn ACL during the playoffs, despite playing out of his mind during the Mavericks and Jazz series.

Who will step up in Kawhi’s place is still up in the air. It definitely won’t be guys like Justice Winslow or Eric Bledsoe, both of whom were picked up in the offseason. 

The Clippers, at least until Kawhi potentially returns, is inexplicably Paul George’s team. Whether the loss of Rajon Rondo and Patrick Beverly puts a wrinkle in the Clippers’ season remains to be seen. 

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Clippers NBA Season Preview

The L.A. Clippers are projected by many to be a 50-win team yet again, but that level of success isn’t guaranteed. The Western Conference is absolutely packed with great teams and other good teams fighting for a playoff spot.

Paul George As The Number 1 Option

If Paul George can continue his playoff success as the number 1 option on offense, the Clippers might retain their playoff success. They’ve still got coach Tyronn Lue, so anything’s possible.

An ACL injury can take a while to heal, and the Clippers will probably take their time returning Kawhi to the lineup. He might not even make it back in time for the playoffs, putting more pressure on George.

Reggie Jackson Goes Off Again?

The Clippers might still have Reggie Jackson as their ex-factor. The guard was automatic during the first two rounds of last year’s playoffs, so him continuing that success is crucial for the Clippers.

LA Clippers Schedule: Key Matchups

The Clippers have a handful of key early-season games with teams like the Mavericks and the Jazz. If you’re a Clippers fan, you won’t want to miss these matchups. 

The Clippers have knocked the Mavericks out of the playoffs for two years, but superstar guard Luka Doncic keeps getting better. LA is also playing the Jazz who they out-schemed and out-played last postseason. 

Don’t forget their matchups with their neighbors, the LA Lakers. Their first game is on December 3. Make sure you cop those Clippers tickets as soon as possible.

LA Clippers NBA Season Preview

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The LA Clippers are in an interesting spot in their conference, but fans have a lot to look forward to. Use this NBA season preview for the Clippers to set your expectations for the Clippers in 2022.

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