How long is a basketball game?

Basketball is one of the most common and widely played games. This game is renowned because the game focuses on one’s strength and performance and teaches people the real meaning of teamwork and team spirit. But there are many questions in the mind of beginners for instance how long is a basketball game? 

If you witness a basketball match for the first time, we will help you out in each possible way. 

So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Things to carry or wear when you are going to watch the basketball game

  • Sun-cream

    The first and the foremost thing that should be there in your checklist is sun-screen. Usually, basketball matches take place in the morning or at noon. Applying sunscreen can avoid tanning. 

  • Water Bottle

Again, carrying a water bottle with you is a MUST. As you never know how long will the match last. And it’s always better to carry a bottle with you, as in the case, if the match has come to an exciting point, and you start feeling thirsty. Then, in this case, you would not be able to enjoy the match, and as a result, you would have to leave the match to serve yourself with a bottle of water. So, to save yourself from such a situation, you must indeed carry a bottle of water with you.

  • Shoes

You must wear a comfortable pair of shoes when you witness a game. Because if you want to cheer up your favourite player and want to jump and shout loud, you would not be able to do that if you are wearing sandals. So, for the same reason, you must wear comfortable shoes. 

  • Food

You can always pack some tiffins with chips and chocolates to munch during the match. As you never know, how long the match can continue.

  • Pom-Pom’s

 Just as cheerleaders cheer for the team, even you can cheer your team or a particular player by shouting or by raising hands and by using a pom-pom. This will highlight you among the masses. 

  • Essentials concerning weather

 If you are going to witness the game during the rainy season, you must carry your umbrella. If you witness the game in winter, you must carry a scarf, sweater, or a pull-over cardigan.

These are some of the must-have things that you must carry when you witness the basketball game. 

Now, you are all set to go for the game. But wait, are you feeling anxious because you don’t know the rules and regulations of the game. 

Don’t worry, and we have a solution to this problem as well. 

To help you out, we have created a mini-guide that will help you know some of the primary and must-know basketball rules

Basics about the game

  • Basketball is a team sport and tests an individual’s capability, team-spirit, communication, leadership qualities, and many more things.
  • In this game, people need to leave the word “I” before entering the court and focus on the word “We”, after entering the basketball court. 
  • The basketball ring is elevated 10 feet above the ground.
  • There are two teams, and each team comprises five team members (on the ground). 
  • The team, which scores the maximum points, wins the game.
  • The whole match takes place inside the rectangular court, and if someone goes out of the court, then FOUL is considered. 
  • There are two hoops in the court; both are attached on either side of the court.

All about the game!

Let’s now quickly discuss some of the basics of how the game starts and how it goes. 

  • First things first, the team leader of the team comes forward and gives all the team players a number.
  • Next, he goes to the referee and gives the name of the top five playing players. 
  • Then, both the team leaders and the team gather in the middle of the court. 
  • The court is divided into two halves, by mid-court line. 
  • One half is given to one team, and the other half is given to another team.
  • Once all the playing players gather, then the referee goes for a toss.
  • The toss is done to finalize that which team will choose which side of the basket to shoot. 
  • Once the toss is done, and the baskets are allotted to both the teams, the team members discuss and make their strategy.
  • Once both the teams are ready, then the game starts.
  • If team 1 puts the ball into play behind the mid-court line, then from that very second, the other team (opponent team) will have exactly ten seconds to get the ball over the mid-court line.
  • If the opposing team fails to do so, team one will continue the match and then play according to the circumstances.

So, this is how the match begins. The procedure of the game remains the same, but the duration of the matches varies.

How long is a basketball game?

Each match is divided into four quarters. Usually, in school and college level basketball matches, each quarter consists of twenty minutes. And the total time of the match becomes 80 minutes (without a break). When one quarter ends, a break is given to the players to drink water, to get fresh, and to change the team member, if they require to do so. 

Generally, the break time between the end of the quarters is not much. 

When the match is half done, the members get a ten-minute break, which is double the quarter-break time. 

If the school or university is tied to the organization, then overtime periods of various lengths are played until the winners aren’t decided. 

Thus, we can say that the match’s duration solely depends on the school, college, university, or whoever is conducting the match. There is no fixed duration given as to how long the match should go on, and an interval should be given for how many minutes. 

Thus, if you are playing a game, you must ask your coach or referee and prepare yourself accordingly. 

How does Scoring take place?

Now, you must be wondering if team A puts the ball into the basket nine times, and if Team B does the same for 11 times, then Team B will win for sure!

In this case, despite shooting the ball nine times, Team A can win the match.  

If you think that, how is it possible? Team A had just made nine shots, whereas Team B made 11 shots. Then let me tell you that This is not the way how real basketball game works. 

The scoring system of the basketball game is entirely different from this. The game doesn’t focus on how many shots a team has taken or has done. It focuses on the position from where the player has attempted to shoot the ball.

To help you out and for your better understanding, we will talk about the scoring pattern. 

  • Two points 

    These are the minimum points that are awarded to the team member. This is the minimum number of points that a team member gets when he or she shoots the ball.

  • Three points

When the player attempts to shoot the ball from the position outside of the three-point arc and successfully draws the ball inside the basket, the player is awarded three points. 

  • One point

When two teams are playing together, say Team G and Team H. And if the opponent team member if Team H makes a mistake during the game, then it is told that he or she has done a fowl, and because of this, the other team that is Team G will get an advantage. Team G will get one free shot as an advantage. If Team G successfully hits the ball to the board, and if the basket goes, then Team G would be awarded one point. So, this is how Free shoots work. 

The Bottom Line 

I hope that now it is evident enough that a team can do fewer baskets and still win the game. 

So, these were some of the basics of the game. I hope you would have now got a clear idea of how the basketball game works, and what are its general rules, how does the point or scoring system work. 

We have tried our level best to explain to you the fundamentals of the game. I hope that we have cleared all your queries and have answered all your questions. 

So, now you are all set to go and witness the basketball game of your near and dear one. PS, do not forget to take all your necessities with you.