How long is a basketball game?

Do you find it challenging to aim and shoot the ball to the ring? Or you feel bad when you see all your classmates or friends making points for the team, and you are just defending and helping out the team! Do you always wonder how to shoot a basketball

Well, whatever may be the reason you must not lose hope. There might be some mistakes that you would be committing, and due to those mistakes, you cannot shoot the ball into the ring. 

Well, before explaining to you all the possible reasons and how to shoot a basketball. Let me first tell you that what matters the most during the game is concentration. If you are 100% concentrated, and when you focus, your task becomes more accessible. You feel confident and become ready to shoot the ball into the ring. 

Here is what you need to do!

The first and foremost thing that you must keep in mind is that you need to stay focused. No one cares, whether you broke up with your girlfriend or you were suffering from fever last night. Everyone cares about the game. So no matter what is going on in your personal life, you should never think about your problems while entering the court. Because as and when you think about your issues, your focus gets diverted, making a considerable impact on the game. So, no matter what goes on in life, you must stay focused while playing the game. 

If you are focused, then half of your troubles end over here. It would be best if you kept in your mind while playing the game because in the game, “I” never matters; the game is all about the concept “We”. So, the day you change your thinking and start playing with team-spirit, you will realize the true essence of the game that day. 

So, if you have team spirit and are focused, you are almost good to go! Now, you only need to know the technique of shooting the ball and some of the commonly made mistakes. 

In this blog, we would be talking about how to shoot a basketball and how we can avoid some of the mistakes commonly made by a beginner, a good defender, and a skilled player. The below-mentioned mistakes are some of the mistakes which anyone can make. So, if you concentrate on these areas, you would surely be able to perform better in the game. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

How to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly in 11 Ways - Stepien Rules

How to shoot a basketball?

Well, if you are a beginner, you need to focus on many things simultaneously. It would also be best if you learned how you could focus on different things simultaneously. 

As soon as you are inside the court, and if you have a ball in your hand, you want to shoot the ball. 

The first thing that you should do is to hit a shot from the shot line. The shot line is nothing but the line that the ball comes up on its way to the basket. Some players like to take the ball and hit it from the left side of their body. While, few players love to shot the ball by bringing up the ball to the right in an upwards direction, and some other shot from the middle. 

Now, you might be wondering that which is the correct way to shot the ball. Well, there is no proper guidance as to how you need to hold the ball and shot. It ultimately depends on your personal preference. If you like to shoot from the left end, you can do that. Suppose you are comfortable shooting from the middle of the court, you can do that.

If you want to make the first shot of the game from the left end and then the second one from the right, you can also do that. 

You can throw the ball from whichever position you like. It’s not mandatory that if you threw the first ball from the left end, you need to follow that technique throughout the game. 

Though we highly recommend you use your dominant hand to shot the ball. For example, if you are correct, you should hit from your body’s right side and vice-versa for the left. Again, it would help if you decided what is best for you and in which position you are most comfortable.

Practice, Practice and Practice to shoot basketball like a pro!

You need to practice a lot, and then you need to decide the best position for you. 

The next thing that comes in, how much involved you are in the game. During the game, your presence of mind matters the most. If you are physically and mentally present in the game, you will surely grab every opportunity to take the ball from the opposite team and give a shot. 

Now, there are various ways of shooting the ball. The first and the most basic technique is to take the ball; if you are a right-hand shooter, then it should come inside your right knee, and vice-versa for left. Dribble the ball, and then take the ball to your right hand and shoot the ball. Consider that there is a lane, and you need to shot the basket anyhow. All you need is to focus on the ball, game, and you need to practice a lot. 

There are many variations to this technique, but this is the basic of the game, and every person trying to learn this new game, should try this technique. 

If this doesn’t work for you, you can go towards the middle and repeat the whole process. 

Pro Tip to shoot basketball like a pro!

No matter which side you select, you need to make sure that you stick to it and practice more. This will surely help you in all the games that you will play in the 


Generally, people make mistakes in this part, and then they quit playing the game. People never focus on simple techniques and in particular ways. They try to master all the sides at the same time, which is not possible. To get command over the game, one must master one thing at a time. And if you try to do all the things at the same time, you will lose interest in the game. 

Another important thing that you must consider while learning as a beginner is to know about ball dip. Generally, coaches worldwide avoid teaching this unique technique, which is especially good for beginners and young people. A ball dip is just the idea of if you catch. If you jump and catch the ball, then we can say that the ball is high, and then you bring down the ball, and then you aim at the basket and shoot the ball. In basketball language, it is BOOM, TAP, and SHOT. 

Here is the technique

BOOM is when you get the ball into your hands.

TAP is when you dribble the ball for a few seconds.

And lastly, the SHOT is when you aim at the board and jump offend try to score points. 

Some people make the dip from mid-thigh to get an upward spring and aim to the basket more precisely.

For this, it is not necessary as to from which side you must catch the ball. You can catch the ball from any side and then can take the dip. 

Pro Tip

It becomes complicated to shot the ball when we get a catch from the upper side, and then without exerting much force, we again aim and shoot at the basket, and in this case, mostly the ball doesn’t even touch the ring. So to avoid this mistake, one must surely follow the technique of Ball dip. In this, technique when the ball comes from upside, then we take it down, and then take it back up with more force, and then we shoot. This increases the chances of the ball going inside the basket. This will improve your game and take it to the next level. It will also improve the range and indeed increase the number of baskets, ultimately increasing the points. 

These were the essential tips concerning how to shoot a basketballNow we will discuss some of the significant points, which will improve your game.

  • Focus on the basketball board, and aim properly.
  • Shoot in a correct posture.
  • Try not to make any fouls during the game.
  • While shooting, do not think that you won’t be able to do it or lose the game. Just stay positive and calm in every situation during the game.

The End Note

If you follow these simple and essential tips, I am sure that you would soon travel the journey from being a beginner to a pro player. We have specially designed this mini-guide with the most unique and straightforward tips to help you out in every possible manner.

So, please do read this, and practice a lot, as practice makes a man perfect, and also, the beginner needs to practice a lot to master the game and to compete with the competitors. So, without losing hope, practice a lot and stay focused and calm during the game.