female NASCAR drivers
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What are the best sports that excite us the most? Every game has its unique competitive elements that make an engaging ambiance for the spectators. Especially in a thrilling context, The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing ( NASCAR ) is one of America’s most iconic motorsports that ignites the fire within you. It is the sanctioning body for the No. 1 form of motorsports in the United States. Some of the most elite and skilled drivers play a significant role in these races. Nevertheless, the female NASCAR drivers does play a significant role in the series as of men

They are very challenging and have three major series. The Sprint Cup Series, The NASCAR Nationwide Series is the second major series, and finally, The Camping World Truck Series. It has taken over the NFL as the most-watched sporting event and holds a considerable position in the World today.. So let’s dig more about this particular aspect. 

 What Is NASCAR?

 Bill France Sr put forward the NASCAR concept and idea in 1948 at Daytona beach. It sanctions more than 1200 races in more than 30 states in the US. It has rapidly grown over the years and has got an enormous fan base across different parts of the World. Nascar broadcasts to more than 100 countries in the present day. It came from early stock car racing tracks to present-day high banked superspeedways. Let us look deep into the history of Nascar.


 In mid-1947, Stock Car Racing gave the sport its formal organization. Stock car racing became popular in the outskirts of Florida. Many drivers gathered on Daytona Beach roads and modified their cars. These modifications intends for speed and perfect handling of the car. They used such cars to evade the Police better. So most of the races had this type of modified vehicle. Street races get held during the time. Stock car racing started gaining popularity and started expanding. Indeed, it resulted in drastic changes in racing because of a lack of organization. Also, tracks were more suited to handle cars but not crowds. Bill France sr. Organized NASCAR. He was an ambitious mechanic. He started promoting racing, often racing himself most of the time.

After the Streamline Hotel meeting at Atlantic Ave USA. The first NASCAR sanctioned race get held on Feb 15, 1948. Six days later, on Feb 21, 1948, The National Assembly for Stock Car Auto Racing gets incorporated.

 Popular Female NASCAR Drivers

  1) Milka Duno 

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She is one of the most successful female NASCAR drivers in the WorldWorld today. At the age of 24, Milka started her racing career. However, for this reason, her racing career is quite unusual. Also, she is the first woman to win a primary international race in the United States of America. She’s also the first Hispanic woman to complete an in stock car racing on a national level in the US.

2) Shawna Robinson 

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She is a retired professional American stock car racing driver and an award-winning competitor in all three NASCAR’s national tour series. Furthermore, Shawna was the first woman ever to win a NASCAR sanctioned event in the year 1988.

3) Janet Guthrie 

Female NASCAR drivers
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She is all time fiercely famous NASCAR female retired driver. She is the first-ever woman who gets qualified and competed in the most popular Indianapolis 500. Furthermore, She is also the first woman that set history to compete in NASACAR race.

4) Johanna Robbins 

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She is a well known and honorable American stock car racing driver who began her career in NASCAR in 2009.Besides, she was formerly get termed as Johanna Long. Also, She set the glory again by winning the title of the 2010 Snowball derby.

5) Danica Patrick 

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She is a famous American race car driver, is the first woman to win an Indy Car championship event. Also, Patrick won the trials at the 2003 Daytona 500, becoming the woman to win the pole position at the NASCAR event.

Final Note

Looking at the matter of interest and adventure, NASCAR is one of the most celebrated sports. Even so, with all its experience, it is so happy to witness many female NASCAR drivers on the track. Indeed, it can set as an example of women empowerment across the globe. Also, it is so happy to see many more females coming forward in such fields.