Really! Does the variation of Golf exist? Yes, indeed, there exists a miniature version of Golf known as Minigolf. It is one most emerging game, that is now getting more popularity and acceptance. However, Mini Golf is not a new variation of Golf; the origin can trace back to the early years of the 20th century.If you haven’t ever played minigolf, there chances to raise many questions in mind regarding the game structure and more. Let’s look into the exact composition of minigolf, it’s the origin, popularity, game features, and more.

Concept and Origin 

Have you ever thought about the reason that led to the origin of minigolf? As we know, Golf is a sport that requires large areas in space to play. It’s not possible to play Golf within a limited space availability. So this might have paved the way to the miniature version of Golf and its origin. It is supposed to have claimed the source of minigolf in the 1860’s. But generally, it is not widely accepted. However, the earliest and the proper trace of minigolf dates back to 1912 in the United States. 

The concept of mini Golf gained acceptance among people and indeed, resulted in its making. Five years from its authentic origin, in the year 1916, standardized minigolf courses entered the commercial market. Later on, in the second half of the 20th century, many minigolf tournaments were conducted across the united states.

Let’s Play

Are you a beginner or proficient in minigolf? It doesn’t matter because it is easy to play. The game is the same as regular Golf. However, in the miniature form of Golf makes it a comfortable yet entertaining game. Like the regular Golf, the holes need to complete in a minimum stroke as possible. Many small challenges are added to minigolf games to make it more exciting and entertaining. For instance, low hurdles are incorporated. Also, the player needs to hit the ball at the right angle at the right speed. 

Unlike the regular golf games, these additional inputs in mini-golfs attract all age people. Notably, children are also excited about minigolf games.


The offshoot and types are part of many games. However, are few variations in the kinds of minigolf. Let’s look at a few main types of minigolf.
  1. Miniature Golf: It is one of the commonly seen minigolf types. The most highlighting feature of miniature Golf is that it requires only less space for the game. Also, the hole distances are short in length.
  2. Felt-Golf: The popularity of felt Golf is more in countries like Sweden and Finland. However, it is gaining more acceptance in Europe and other parts of the world. In contrast to miniature, the distance between the holes is more lengthy. Also, felt Golf requires an ample space compared to a small type.
  3. Concrete Type: Most popular in Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany. But also, commonly found in European countries. It is costly to construct this type of minigolf. However, steel and other quality metals are get use in construction. Also, it requires more space in contrast to miniature Golf.

Game Rules

In every game there will be some rules that we need to follow. Similarly,There are a few rules and facts that we need to know about minigolf. Let’s look and understand a few of them before the game begins.

  1. There are 18 holes in the game, and serial numbers are given to each hole.
  2. The game can be played by a group or individuals. However, a maximum of 4 players can be played in each hole.
  3.  Importantly, once the player moves the ball, it  considers the ball in the game.
  4. Only when the first stroke stops completely, only the player gets allows for the next stroke to play.
  5. The area of the hole consists of the total space area. Also, its territory includes the base fields and other obstacles in the field.
  6. It is essential to keep in mind that the ball should remain in contact with the surface and not get play in the air.
  7. If the ball goes outsides the boundary, the ball needs to be positioned within 20 centimetres from the boundary line.

World Minigolf Sports Federation (WMF)

An organization or highest governing body is an indication of an established game. In context to minigolf, WMF is its international governing body. Few functions get initiates by WMF like it organizes many championships. Most importantly, the World minigolf sports federation holds the Minigolf world championship. The tournaments are mainly focuses for youth and elites.

Apart from WMF, many organizations functions in continental and country levels. For instance, the bi-annual European championship gets conducts by a European minigolf organization. Moreover, 37 countries are part of WMF, and many current game events often get conducts.


It is interesting to see the popularity and acceptance of the game in all age groups. Some highlighting features of the game are fascinating and entertaining. Moreover, the game is not complicate and is easy to play. So there are many reasons for minigolf popularity.

There are many minigolf courses widely available across the globe that provides a platform to play the game. Also, these courses intends in such a way to amuse the players. 

However, it makes a joyful ambiance and is great entertainment for players. There are more than 5000 minigolf courses in the united states. These give a clear example of the nationwide popularity of the game.


Minigolf is a well-established offshoot game of Golf. Golf, the most popular and elite sports, have unique acceptance among people. In that context, minigolf exhibits a fascinating and exciting aspect of the game. Notably, children above five can play the game, also it acts as the best entertainment game. What makes it more interesting is it’s the incorporation of more exciting elements. Moreover, if you have a sufficient area in your place, you can build your minigolf. Also, minigolf courses are much available across the world.

So if you haven’t still made a shot, don’t wait. Visit the nearby minigolf course and give a try. Undoubtedly, you will have a great experience and entertainment.