Every sport in the world has its unique features and dimensions. Basketball is such a sports item, where the players’ height plays a crucial role in the game. National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most popular professional basketball league that consists of 30 teams. Indeed, it is the world’s major premier men’s basketball league. So in context to the players’ height, an NBA player’s average tallness is 6 ft. 7 in ( 2.01m ). However, the size is evident from the physical appearance of the players. Besides, most towering NBA players is always a matter of discussion. So let’s dig more about the tallest Current NBA players list.

The List of Tallest Current NBA Players

Height is one of the fundamental factors that define NBA players. Let us have a look at the list of the tallest current NBA players.

Top 10 List Of Tallest NBA Players

1) Tacko Fall 

Tallest current NBA players
Source: www.basketballforever.com

Tacko Fall is a brilliant basketball player with an unprecedented height of 2.26 m (7ft 5 inches). Indeed, he gets considered to be in the top list of the tallest current NBA player. This 24-year-old taco represents the Boston Celtics of the NBA and is also the team’s star player. However, his roots belong to the Senegalese professional basketball Association. Besides, In the recent survey, Tacko, with his superhuman figure, broke all the database records. Besides, his performance is also handy and highlighting making him in the limelight.

2) Boban Marjanovic  

Tallest current NBA players
Source: www.fanbuzz.com

With a height of 2.24 m( 7ft 4 in ), Boban comes in the second number of tallest current NBA player list. He is a Serbian basketball player who represents the Dallas Mavericks in NBA. Looking at his career, he has decent point averages. Indeed, Boban is the tallest player in Dallas. At times, his outstanding game plays a vital role in the victory of his team. 

3) Kristaps Porzingis 

Tallest current NBA players
Source: www.dailyknicks.com

This Dallas Maverick NBA basketball player has a height of 2.21 m (7ft 3 in ), making him the tallest current NBA player list. Besides, Kristaps is a Lativian professional player who can both the center and forward position. Boban Marjanvoic, who is in second place on the list his teammate. Both towerings players is an excellent asset for the team. Moreover, Kristaps has a good career record that makes him one of the quality basketball players. 

4) Bol Bol

Source: www.thedenverpost.com

Bol bol is one of the famous American basketball players. He represents the team Denver Nuggets in the NBA. With a height of 2.18 m (7ft 2 in ), he comes in 4th place on the tallest current NBA player list. Moreover, This young talent is the gatekeeper of the Denver Nuggets. Often with his excellent defense in the court, the team has the taste of victory on its side. Injuries in the game affect his performance. However, he exhibits above-average points in the season. 

5) Luke Kornet 

Source: www.chicagotribune.com

He is the star player of the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Luke, with a height of 2.18 m (7ft 2 in ), makes his 5th position in the tallest current NBA players list. Looking at his career statistics, he has an excellent record. Indeed, he holds the NCAA three-pointers record made by a 7 ft tall player. Considering his talent and career, Luke is a huge potential and asset player to the Chicago Bulls team.

6) Meyers Leonard

Source: www.essentiallysports.com

With a height of 2.18 m (7ft 1 in), Meyers Leonard comes in the top list of tallest current NBA players. He is currently a handy player for the Miami Heat in NBA. Meyers, with his impressive physique and talent, have a consistent career record. Indeed, his reach to the Miami Heat has undoubtedly made a progressive growth in the team game.

7) Rudy Gobert 

Source: www.cgtn.com

Rudy Gobert is well recognized, French basketball player. This well-built player towering 2.16 m (7ft 1 in), is one of the tallest current NBA players. He represents the French national team in international matches. Also, in NBA, he plays for Utah Jazz. Indeed, he is the star player of a team with an impressive field goal percentage and shooting percentage. These percentages exhibit his career efficiency and records.

8) Alex Len

Source: www.brightsideofthesun.com

Alex Len is a Ukrainian basketball player who has a height of 2.16 m. Indeed, making him one of the tallest NBA players. He had played in different NBA teams maintaining career consistency. Currently, Alex plays for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Academy. In the year 2019, he made a landmark in his career by setting 34 points a team.

9) Marc Gasol

Source: www.lakersoutsiders.com

The all-time basketball defensive player Marc Gasol has a height of 2.11 m ( 7ft 1 in ). Marc is one of the finest basketball player, who is known for his most strategical defensive skills. Moreover, for this ability, he has won the most defensive player 2013 award. Currently, he is a star player for Los Angeles Lakers in NBA. Also, his game experience is an excellent asset for the team while playing a match. 

10) Tyson Chandler

Source: www.bleacherreport.com

The 37-year-old, well-experienced player Tyson chandler has a height of 2.13 m ( 7ft 1 in ). Indeed, he is the most seniormost tallest current NBA player. Tyson’s career began in the early decade of the 20th century. He has a great experience over two decades; chandler has played in 8 different teams. Currently, he plays for Houston Rockets in NBA. In the year 2012, he was awarded for being the most defensive player of the year. Though there exists inconsistency in his career, he tries to overcome with great come back. Undoubtedly, with such a phenomenal package of pure talent and game experience, Tyson is one of the most star players of the Houston Rockets. 


If the height gets taken into consideration in any game, then it is for basketball. Since the game and points are based on the high basketball courts, the players’ size has a crucial role. Indeed, it is the primary reason to have a 6ft 7-inch average height in NBA matches. The giant and tall physical structures of the players is the primary factor that attracts the audience. Moreover, there are chances that these tall players get more attention. So indeed, the tallest current NBA players are always an active topic to discuss. The above list is made focusing on the active NBA players. If you are a basketball fan and wish to know more about them, it will be useful. 



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