Driving in Europe

Europe has plenty of great destinations that are perfect for road trips. It’s probably one of the best ways to explore the continent since you can take plenty of stops and focus on the destinations that you are especially interested in Driving in Europe.

The countryside is beautiful and the infrastructure allows for a road trip with plenty of gas stations, restaurants, and hotels along the way. Before planning such a trip make sure you have the proper documents and that you’ve set up the itinerary.

North England Lake District- Driving in Europe

If the main purpose of the trip is to enjoy the scenery along the road, there are few European destinations more beautiful than Cumbria National and its Lake District. Traveling in England will require you to have an international driving permit – check here to learn how to obtain one.

The lakes are a five-hour drive away from London or a 1.5-hour drive from Manchester. Make sure you prepare for a picnic since it’s the best and most common way to appreciate the scenery. Keep in mind that millions of tourists come here for the same reason and it can somewhat spoil the magic.

South France Provence

Southern France is on everyone’s bucket list as it is the most beautiful part of the country and arguably the whole of Europe. You’ll enjoy scenic villages, ancient castles, and endless lavender fields, all while driving along a perfect modern road. It’s also the wine country and you should plan at least a few of your stops around the local wineries.

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It’s a seven-hour drive if you’re coming in from Paris and a 3.5-hour drive if you’re coming from Nice. Take into account that it will take you twice as long if you take all the stops you should.

Northern Spain Basque Circuit

If you’re a foodie, this road trip needs to be included in your bucket list. The region is known for its food and wine and it’s beautiful to look at even between the many stops you’ll need to make. Depending on when you take the trip, you can also enjoy film festivals, surfing, and many other activities that thrive in the region.

It takes five hours to get there from Madrid but you can also fly into Bilbao or San Sebastian as many tourists do. The area is most popular in summer when you can take a break to surf.

Norway Atlantic Road

Norway is a perfect country for a road trip since by following its coastline you can see all of its natural beauty as you drive towards the Atlantic. It features beautiful forests, waterfalls, mountain ranges, and most importantly fjords for which Norway is so well known.

It’s a seven-hour drive from Oslo but you should book at least twice that much since there’s a lot to see along the way. The drive takes you right to the ocean and it’s best if you time it so that you can see it at sunset or sunrise when it’s quite breathtaking.