most majors in golf

Most Majors in Golf

Do you want to know which golfer has the most majors in Golf? If you are into Golf, then you must be aware of how important the major series is. Well, in Golf, these major tournaments play a vital role. For any golfer, to win any major tournament is like a dream. However, there are some extraordinary players that not only win a major golf tournament but end up winning several of those. Here, we have a shortlist of outstanding golfers that have made a remarkable mark in the world of golfing by winning several majors.

Some Major Tournaments

PGA Tour

Even if you are not into playing or watching Golf, you must have heard about the PGA tour. This golfing league is not only famous in the U.S, but it is popular all across the globe. This league was initiated by the Professional Golfers Association in the 1920s. All the major golf players from all across the globe participate in this. With the PGA tour, there are other leagues as well in the world of Golfing. Let us check them out.

U.S. Open

Just like a lot of other sports, the U.S also holds an open for golfers as well as the U.S is quite a hub for all the golfers; that is why this U.S Open is an important major league. Many great golfers have made their mark in the world of golfing by participating and winning this U.S open several times.

British Open

Similar to the earlier one, the U.S open the British Open also holds a lot of opportunities for new and upcoming golfers of all ages and groups. The different courses of the British Open add a nice twist to the game of Golf.

Leading Golfers as per the Major Wins 

Jack Nicklaus 

The first on the list we have Jack Nicklaus, who is leading with 18 wins in various tournaments. Hailing from the U.S itself, Jack Nicklaus is one of the best players in the world of golfs. Despite the old age, Jack still is sort of active with his appearance and even made a lot of new achievements in the second half of his career.

Tiger Woods 

Easily one of the most famous and highlighted players from the world of Golf. If you talk about golfers across the globe, then Tiger Woods is for sure one of the most famous golfers in the world. People know him in all corners of the world. However, he had his own share of controversies that he had to deal with in his long career of golfing. Despite all the bumps in his personal life, his game never left the beat. Right behind Jack Nicklaus, Tiger is here with 15 major wins. Even after the controversies, he still managed to rock the world of golfing with his remarkable set of skills.

Walter Hagen 

most majors in golf

When we talk about the past legends in the world of Golf, then we cannot simply miss out on Mr. Walter Hagen. He is also known/publicly as the father of Professional Golf by almost everyone in the world of Golfing. He is a pure source of inspiration for all the upcoming talents that are wanting to lead the major leagues. With his excellent journey as a professional golfer starting in 1912, he has 11 major titles under his belt. It was a huge achievement for any player to win so many titles in such a short span of time/era, and that too in the 1920’s era.

Ben Hogan 

After the era of Hagen, Ben Hogan made a huge impact in the world of Golf almost instantly. It is safe to say that the mid-1900s was ruled by Ben Hogan. Along with his long run of success, he got 9 majors for himself. This is currently tied with the Gary Player from South Africa that we will discuss later in this list. Ben was born in Texas and also had a keen passion for the sport of called as he watched a lot of tours and golfers while growing up. Later, he himself got his hands on the course and started playing the small courses. Eventually, he got extremely good at it and had is now one of the major legends of the game.

Gary Player


Again we have a great player that also has 9 major league titles on his name. Gary Player comes from a humble background that was extremely enthusiastic about Golf. He loved the game so much that he got himself a hefty loan just so that he could go and buy himself a good set of golf clubs. Well, it is fair to say that all of his efforts turned out to be perfect for him and his career, after a smooth run as a golfer and playing league matches in almost all the corners and countries of the world. Now, Gary Player got numerous awards from all the major sports associations of the world.

Tom Watson 

Coming from the state of Missouri, Tom Watson made a huge name in the world of Golf. Winning around 8 majors in total and numerous other golfing titles, he is easily one of the best golf players to ever pick up a golf club. Tom Watson has a unique style of swing playing and his strokes that has inspired a lot of golfers not only from the U.S.A but all across the world!

Henry William Vardon 

most majors in golf

Here we have a legendary golfer that made immense moves in the world of golfing back when the sport was not on a very advanced stage. He was born on the Island of Jersey, where there was little to no scope for any upcoming golfer. However, despite all the difficulties and hardships, he got ahead of every obstacle that came his way. By doing so, he got 7 majors and a lot of other golfing titles under his name.

Conclusion of Most Majors in Golf 

This was a crisp list of the most majors in Golf that shared some details about some of the most renowned golfers of all time. Moreover, with the huge lead of numerous titles under their name, it is said to say that their gameplay and style made these players stand apart from the rest of the group.