cosmetics for cosplay

Makeup is essential for a good cosplay, because very few people look exactly like their characters. When you want to look more like the character, it’s all about makeup. In order to get a good cosplay look, you first have to pick the right cosmetics for you.

  1. foundation.
  2. foundation.
  • Oily skin: Suitable for oil-controlling foundations that contain more moisture but less oil and are less likely to clog pores. Such as a gel foundation. Oily skin: You should not apply too much powder.
  • Dry skin: You can use a liquid foundation. It can cover up blemishes and moisturize the skin at the same time. Dry skin: Apply a moisturizer or other moisturizing product before applying makeup.
  • Sensitive skin: Use products that are alcohol and fragrance free, so anti-sensitive foundations, such as mineral foundations, are most suitable. Test your foundation on the skin close to your ears before applying it and see if there are any adverse reactions.
  • For tanned skin: a foundation with a whitening effect. You can choose a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Be sure to protect yourself from the sun before applying makeup and leaving the house.
  • Rough skin: Fine wrinkles on the skin should be treated with firming and anti-aging products. Be careful never to apply foundation repeatedly on the wrinkles.

If you are unsure of your skin type there are several easy and convenient ways to determine this.

  • Appearance Test: Skin that appears to have visible pores and a shiny appearance is definitely an oily skin type. Dry skin types generally have fine, clean skin with fine lines.
  • Touch test: When you first wake up and touch your skin with your hands, oily skin is oily, while rough and taut skin is dry.
  • Washing test method: The face that feels oily after washing for half an hour or so is oily, while the face that feels taut is dry.

The foundation should be comfortable, suitable for your skin tone, and easy to use. When cosplaying, the character must have a fair complexion, so you can use a shade that is about one shade lighter than your everyday makeup. However, the transition must be natural or there will be a clear line of demarcation. Many people in the cosplay industry recommend using a bright foundation, which I personally agree with. Personally, I’m also in favor of bright foundation.

In the case of Cosplay, the skin tone is generally fair, so you can use a color that is one shade lighter than your daily makeup. Many people in the cosplayindustry recommend using a bright foundation, which I personally agree with. Personally, I’m also in favor of bright foundation.

  1. eyeshadow.

Cosplay makeup is rarely applied, at most 1-2 times a month, unless you’re a full-time cosplayer. Therefore, eyeshadow seeks to be convenient, versatile and inexpensive. It is recommended to purchase an eyeshadow palette of between 50-150 colors. For more complex makeup or for a full-time makeup artist, you can use eyeshadows of 80 colors or more. It is generally recommended to buy one disc of color and one disc of earth tone (black, white, gray, brown and gold) eyeshadow. Common colors are white, black, gold, and brown. These are also the more versatile colors. Personally, I use the 88 color eyeshadow palette. It’s very easy to use but it’s easy to lose the powder.

3, lip gloss

The most common lip gloss for cosplayers is probably the colorless, transparent, crystal lip gloss, which is basically suitable for both male and female characters. There is no color, but it can enhance the color of the lips, but it is suitable for cosplayers with brighter lip colors. For male characters, you should focus on lighter lip colors. For female characters, lip color is more common. Commonly used are pink, rosy red and transparent colors. For those who don’t need much color, you can buy lip gloss alone. Those who require more can also buy lip gloss trays, which are cheaper.

Some of my friends have expressed whether or not they can use everyday cosmetics for cosplay makeup. I think it’s possible, but because of the unique nature of cosplay makeup, everyday cosmetics are not enough and you’ll need to buy cosmetics that you don’t use every day. In this case, I recommend you to buy some cheap and easy-to-use cosmetics (except for those who are on a budget or are full-time cosplayers). You don’t have to worry about cheap cosmetics damaging your skin, because cosplayers don’t wear makeup every day, and as long as you take care of your skin beforehand, you don’t have to. In the end, I hope that everyone who enjoys cosplaying will be able to successfully complete their favorite characters. If you are looking for a cosplay costume, then Cosplaylab is definitely the place for you, with thousands of cosplay products, the hottest character costumes, and the warmest service.