How many players in a football team? All you need to Know


Once, the legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley said, “Football is freedom, a whole universe.” Indeed, it is apt and well said in any content, making football the most popular sport globally. Football is not just a game, but for many people, it’s an emotion. Many legendary players have made the sport more colorful and vibrant. However, there are many aspects of football that many people are not well aware of. How many players in a football team seems like a ubiquitous and essential question. But there are many more dimensions to it that a football lover needs to know. Let’s start with the fundamental query of how many players in a football team look further at this.

Total Number of players in a team

Primarily let’s focus on getting a detailed answer on how many players in a football team query. Yes, as you guess, a team active team member is eleven (11). A football consists of playing eleven members on both the side of the team, including goalkeepers. However, off the ground, each team can have seven substitute players. Besides, it a rule that the match will not get the start if the team is having below seven players.

Players role and position in a football team

How many players in a football team? All you need to Know

Are you are a person who likes to know more about football? Then getting an answer to how many players in a football team question will be just necessary. There are many more other aspects regarding the game that one must know. Football players, their role, and position are important parts that football lovers must know.

The fundamental role of the player in the team is to score a goal for the team. However, in the game, players get split into different positions. Indeed, making the sport more strategically captivating and crucial. Let’s look in detail at the player’s position.


The goalkeeper is one of the major players of a football team. Indeed, he is the only player who can use his hands to play with the ball. The primary role is to restrict and stop the goals `from entering into the goalpost from the opposite side. However, the goalkeeper movement is limit to the inside the rectangular 18-yards of the field. Jan Oblak, Alisson, etc., are the few top goalkeepers in the world.

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Defenders play a vital role in the team. Usually, the positions of defenders are in front of the goalkeeper. The main role of defenders is to restrict and defend the ball entering the goal post from the opposite team. If a team has a good defensive system, it isn’t easy to score a goal against them. Thus their role and efficient function in the team is vital. Tiago Silva, Sergio Ramos, Vincent Kompany, etc., are the world-famous defenders.

Sergio Ramos, Source:

Outside Fullback

The players that get a place on the left and right flank side of the field are outside fullback. The main role of these players is to have control over the ball. Also, they don’t allow the ball to pass over them. Furthermore, these players hardly make a change and move from their positions.

Central Defenders

Every player in the football team has a particular role. The leading role of the central defenders is to defend the opposite striker’s movements. Indeed, these players focus on covering the primary goal scorer of the opposite team. Central defenders are always a headache for any football striker since they become the major hindrance to strike a goal.


Have you ever thought that which players run the most in football? Yes, the midfielders have to make a much more physical presence in the field than other players. Moreover, they are the bridge or connection between defenders and strikers. The role of Midfielders is to enter into opposite team’s areas and take control over the ball. Indeed, helping the team to convert the efforts into goals. Thus they too play a crucial role in the game to score goals. At times, midfielders need to come to their side also if the defenders require assistance. Kevin De Bruyne and N’ Golo Kante are a few finest midfielders in the world.

kevin de bruyne
Kevin De Bryune, source:


The players who are in the forward position are responsible for scoring the goal. Indeed, these players create room to achieve a goal for their teammates. Good forward players in the team can lead a team to get more goals.

Central Forward/ Striker

The most talented, skillful, and tactical player is considered the central forward or striker of a team. The primary role of the strikers is to score goals for their team. Indeed, the performance of a striker plays a crucial role in the victory of a team. Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the best central forward players.

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Luiz Suarez, Source:

Rules and Regulations for the players in a football team

Knowing the broader aspect of how many football team players might be handy information for any football lover. Similarly, it is essential to understand the rules and regulations that the players must follow during a match. Let’s try to understand some of the fundamental rules in football.


It is a commonly use term in context to football matches. If a player is behind the opposite team’s last defender and in the opponent’s half, it can get a claim to be offside. Moreover, the goals that get achieve during offside will consider as invalid.


Throw-In usually happens when the ball gets entirely outside the field. In this instance, the throw is given to the team responsible for going out of the area. Also, throw in is made from the place where the ball went out. Throw-in for a team can be crucial. Indeed it can pave ways to score a goal.

Yellow Card and Red Card 

Fairplay is an integral part of any sport. Indeed, that ensures healthy competition between the teams. In the context of football, a yellow card is given to the players who commit intentional mistakes. If the player repeats the errors and the yellow card gets duplicated, the player will get the red card. In this case, the player will not be able to play that game anymore.



When a team makes a foul, then freekick will get granted to the opposite team. Indeed, it can be one of the best chances to score a goal. However, there are two types of a freekick.

  1. Direct freekick: When the player gets permission to kick the ball directly into the goal post.
  2. Indirect freekick: The ball needs to touch by the two mates of the team.

Penalty Kick

A penalty chance kick can be one of the perfect ways to score a goal against the opponent’s team. It generally happens when a defending player commits a foul.

Corner Kick

When a defending player is responsible for getting the ball out over the goal line, a corner kick is given to the opponent team.

Goal Kick

When the attacking player is responsible for getting the ball out of the goal line, then as a refreshing start, the defending goalkeeper makes the goal kick.


How many players in a football team questions seems to be very basic. But many broader aspects get to associate with it. Indeed, for a football lover, it is essential to understand these different dimensions. Without understanding, rules of the game and other players’ positions, it will be a bit difficult for a person to enjoy the game to the fullest.



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