MLB Games Postponed

The MLB games season 2020 was just a month old. However, around 40 games have now been postponed. The reason for such a decision is the members associated with the MLB who have recently tested COVID-19 positive. Both the St. Louis and Miami Marlins have overcome team-wide infections. On the other hand, the New York Mets and the Cincinnati Reds have experienced the disappointment due as the MLB Games postponed. The reason is standard in every case. Every time a member of a team tests positive, the entire schedule has to be reworked.

The newest team in the MLB games season to be facing postponement is the New York Mets. Following two positive COVID-19 test reports among the group members, the Marlins’ final game schedule was postponed. It was to take place on August 19. Further, the New York Mets’ three-game season opposite the Yankees was also delayed by the Major League Basketball authorities. The series was to take place between August 20-August 22.

MLB Games schedule before the delay

According to the latest reports published on August 22, as many as 37 MLB games affecting more than 13 teams have been postponed. The reason is once again COVID-19 positive cases among members and associates of the groups. We have got you a list of all the games that have been postponed. Moreover, there is also a list of original schedules in descending order that is no longer valid.

  • Yankees-Mets three-game season (August 20-22)
  • Marlins Vs. Mets (August 19)
  • Royals Vs. Reds series openers (August 18)
  • Pirates Vs. Reds (August 15-16)
  • White Sox Vs. Cardinals series openers (August 14)
  • Tigers doubleheader Vs. Cardinals ((August 13)
  • Pirates Vs. Cardinals three-game season (August 10-12)
  • Cubs Vs. Cardinals three-game season (August 7-9)
  • Tigers Vs. Cardinals four-game season (August 3-6)
  • Cardinals Vs. Brewers three-game season (July 31- August 2)
  • Blue Jays Vs. Phillies three-game season (July 31- August 2)
  • Nationals Vs. Marlins three-game season (July 31- August 2)
  • Phillies Vs. Yankees four-game home series (July 27- 30)
  • Orioles Vs. Marlins four-game home series (July 27- 30)

In an official statement about the MLB games series, the board says that all the safety and health protocols were put together considering the challenging situation.

Plans and the present figures

The board has assured that all of the postponed MLB games will be held later. To quicken the process, they will be eliminating day-offs and doubleheaders. Moreover, according to the new announcement, there is good news for all the teams facing postponement. As many as 14 doubleheaders will be held to make up for all the lost time. Later, the Cardinals also revealed details about their new schedule back on August 14. On the other hand, St. Louis’s program highlights a plan of 53 games and 11 doubleheaders within 44 days. It was a plan to start by the middle of August and catch up with the end’s original schedule.

According to the latest figures and data, various teams’ games surrounding the 1981 strike are uneven. While some of the units are stuck at 103 games, the others have already played 111 games. However, the rankings at present are all based on the victory percentage to date. Due to the dire situation this time, strategies will be different too.