Big Ten Postpones Football Season Due to Risks of COVID-19
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According to recent announcements, the Big Ten postpones football season canceling all college matches. The news came on Tuesday, August 11 stating concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Big Ten officials highlighted that the decision was based on elaborate consultations and advice by medical experts.

Two of the main bodies that are involved in the safety research and development work are the Big Ten Sports Medicine Committee and the Task Force Team. Some of the major matches that are on the postponed list include women’s volleyball, women’s and men’s soccer, football, field hockey, and women’s and men’s cross country.

According to Kevin Warren, the Big Ten commissioner, their priority is the physical and mental health of the student-athletes. So, the final decision that comes from their end will depend on what is best for everyone. Besides, the team management believes that taking a step back is necessary to proceed further.

The Task Force Team that is working on Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Medicine Committee both feel that there are potential risks involved in arranging any kind of game or gathering at the moment. So, for the sake of the safety and good health of the student-athletes, is it important to postpone fall games.

Disagreement with the decision of the Big Ten

The Big Ten spokesperson says that the board is still pondering over their decision, and trying to come up with better options. The games will take place in the upcoming Spring if it is safe then. Moreover, the board is still in a dilemma whether or not to reschedule spring and winter sports as well. The situation is so uncertain and depressing that the board has to follow the suggestions of medical experts above anything else.

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The Big Ten conference is indeed one of the “Power Five” of the NCAA. The member schools in its list include quite a few college football stars. Some of the must-mention names are the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and Penn State University.

It is still unclear whether the schools in disagreement with the latest decisions will face any consequences. We are talking about restrictions regarding pursuing other options like separating from the conference or creating a backup schedule. For example, the chief coach of Nebraska University stated that they already have a Plan B in case of the cancellation of the upcoming fall football season.

Alternative plans for Big Ten Postpones Football Season

In an official statement, a Nebraska University official says that the decision of the Big Ten was very disappointing. However, no one can deny that safety comes first, and they will also proceed in consultation with experts. Moreover, they believe that the safest way to keep students safe is by making sure that they are following all protocols. Plus, there are arrangements for proper testing and medication in place for them.

As per the college board, they will make sure to consult with medical experts as and when the situation arises. However, they also believe that students must get an opportunity to compete in the fall games. Even President Trump says that canceling the upcoming game season will be nothing short of a tragedy.


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