NFLPA informs 59 players testing positive for COVID-19 during offseason

There seems to be progress made between NFLPA and NFL. But still, have a couple of issues to hash out for training camps around the scheduled time of the league. The most crucial point was the uncertainty of following coronavirus protocols. It also led to many players locking arms as a part of virtual solidarity to express angst to state that they wouldn’t play if the issues weren’t addressed. A hashtag that read We Want To Play (#wewanttoplay) was trending to expressed grievances earlier this week.

As the time approaches for veterans to report on July 28, NFLPA has reported the number of players that tested positive for coronavirus. The infections happened at some point in time during the offseason. During the initial release, they noted a total number of 95, but the number adjusted down to 59.

The exact number of players that tested positive

While media reports speculate possible manipulation of numbers, NFLPA denies the statement and says that it is not true. They stated that the initial count was 95 and accidentally included more players. They went on to say that the number given before included staff and has now been updated only for players. There was a follow-up tweet sent across to clarify the same.

NFLPA sent out a press released to state that they are unwavering in attempts to maintain player’s safety. The stated that their union has been pushing for the strongest testing possible in order to quickly track and treat. They are trying utmost to keep their players safe. The testing norms that they follow are critical. It will help them get back to work safely with the best chances to finish off the season.

Rookies started reporting about several camps around the league this week. However, they had to go through coronavirus tests before being allowed to enter the team facility. There was also a new round of safety norms agreed upon by NFLPA and NFL, which establishes how fast people will have to get tests done. It will be based on a tiered model.

The website of NFLPA shows how many players have tested positive in the offseason. The site also shows that there are around 24 to 32 people who have Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) plans that are under review from the NFL teams.

By having only eight approved along with problems like sharing revenue losses being pending, and the fact that July 28 camp starts tomorrow for veterans, there are many people around the league who still don’t know if the training camp will begin on time or not. The clock is definitely ticking, and we will know the clear picture tomorrow.