Can Athletes Make a Comeback After Fighting Coronavirus?

During the end of March, a urologist from New Jersey’s Livingstone Josh Fiske was admitted to the hospital. There started his journey with the novel coronavirus and he turned fragile from a fit man. Just a couple of days earlier, he was fit enough to jog for five miles straight. However, within a few days, his body started failing him and it was a crucial time for him. The oxygen levels in his body were constantly dipping and the fever was increasing. After some time, his fever touched 104-degrees and his body was almost giving up. For him now moving from one bed to the other or even standing up required quite an effort. Fiske did not give up and kept breathing, and started recovering with the help of doctors. He was constantly trying to stay away from more symptoms.

Out of all that was happening, a different kind of anxiety was bothering him. He started worrying if he could ever return to the track or the golf field again. He was doubting himself whether he would ever be able to be fit like he was before. Fiske, who was 46 years old in March runs the half-marathon and the marathon every year. He says that these are things that keep him happy. On the other hand, coronavirus has infected several people around the world including athletes. However, athletes feel that they are a bit more immune to the virus in comparison to other ordinary people. The major reason is that athletes are usually fitter than the other general population. Despite such confidence, athletes who have the experience of dealing with the virus reveal the difficulties they had to deal with. It includes all the struggles and symptoms.

Views of athletes on the pandemic

Apart from the symptoms and treatments, the athletes also spoke about what took them to get back to their schedule, difficulties due to lungs and muscle weakness, and anxiety. Moreover, according to the athletes, the anxiety levels are so high that it is highly difficult to cover the transition phase from sickness back to their normal lives. Besides, there is news from all sources about all tournaments and matches that are going to resume once again. In this situation, athletes who are wanting to participate in the upcoming events are taking quite some risk.

In a recent interview with Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller, he spoke about his experience of the coronavirus infection. He expressed how the entire situation left him in a shock. He added that there is a huge lesson that people should derive from a dangerous situation. According to Miller, no matter how to fit and immune you are, there are certain things that you cannot fight against. One such dangerous thing is the coronavirus that is still spreading rapidly all around the world killing so many people. Miller also spoke about his deteriorating state because of an underlying asthma situation. However, he is now back to his routine and is training for the upcoming games.