India captain Virat Kohli is charged slightly higher than he usually is during the West Indies series and rival captain Kieron Pollard is “Clueless” as the trigger.

During the T20 series, Kohli’s Kesrick Williams’ action notebook tick was Utsav Ki and Television Gold, and he realized it when on-field umpire Shaun George scored Ravindra Jadeja’s run-out in the first ODI in Chennai. mentioned. Kohli was very animated after Pollard was dismissed for the first ball.

“You have to ask her why she is so animated. I cannot answer this for you. It is what it is. You ask him that question and answer it. I do not know. I have no clue,” Pollard replied smiling.

After scoring 388 runs, the West Indies scored 192 for three in the 30th over but lost five wickets for 18 runs to finally lose their second ODI by 107 runs on Wednesday.

But more than the collapse of the middle order, Pollard was concerned about the over 120 runs given in the final 10 overs.

He said, “We were in a good position and if you lose wickets often then you keep yourself on the backfoot. This is where we stagger in pursuit and we accept that” Pollard admitted.

Ask Kohli for what reason he is so energized, I do not understand,'- Kieron Pollard
Ask Kohli for what reason he is so energized, I do not understand,’- Kieron Pollard

“Chasing 388, people had to go out and try to go in instead of expressing themselves. I thought, where the game has changed, in the final 10 overs (of the Indian innings), we went for 127 runs. That’s where we lost. Speed throughout the game.”

Earlier, it was neck and neck and we knew it was a good track. We haven’t implemented in the back-end which is the story for us when a flat track has happened.

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“For me, fielding is an approach. The intensity with which you go on the field, your anticipation, and awareness of what is happening at that time. Both teams have pleaded guilty to dropping catches and making some basic mistakes.”

Pollard also wants broadcasters to make him some slack cuts to re-show his slappers and not help again.

He said, But in the whole ODI and T20, we have been quite good. Standards have risen slightly, but we are humans. We make mistakes. I keep saying in the conversation that our mistakes are broadcast so that people can form opinions on it.

Shai Hope lobbied Virat Kohli on Wednesday and is behind Rohit Sharma in the list of top ODI runs scorers for 2019, with one match remaining. In the calendar year.

Pollard was not worried about any very impressive strike rate of 75 because he knows what the keeper-opener brings to the table.

“Sometimes when we get carried away by statistics that we don’t value making a team. You don’t build a team with people who only play shots. You must have found an anchor Which will handle one end,” Pollard defended his colleague.

“If you are looking at how we have played cricket in the last few years, we are losing wickets very quickly and so you have to build a foundation. You cannot build the upper part of the house and then build the bottom. We have identified Shay as someone who opens the batting and has been phenomenal.”