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Kings Cup rules are easy to understand. Before understanding the conditions of this game, know what the King’s Cup is and why it has gained so much popularity. This game is also called “Ring of Fire,” “Waterfall,” and “Circle of Death,” and is a classic drinking game. It has been a popular drinking game for many years. It is like an icebreaker in the group when you don’t know each other much but want to have a great time with friends.

People enjoy King’s Cup because it allows friends to have a good time while dipping their favorite drink and learning some wild sides about one another. Over the years, there have been different methods and rules for playing King’s Cup. However, it is better to know the classic Kings Cup rules if you are a beginner. Make yourself aware of the game before exploring other variations. Furthermore, you won’t be confused when playing the traditional version of the game. It will always ensure the fun time you want to spend with your friends.

Know the setup before understanding King’s Cup rules

You can understand the Kings Cup rules easily. If you’re concerned about the supplies, don’t be because you only need a few.

  • A cup
  • A deck of cards
  • Willing participants
  • Alcohol

Make sure during set-up the card decks are evenly spread and face-down around the cup.

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King Cup’s Rule

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King’s Cup rules require a deck of cards that can vary depending on where you are playing and the participants involved. The basic one needs the game set up and an empty cup placed in the middle of the table. All the deck of cards is spread around it.

Know the phases

Every player will get a turn to draw a card from the deck and follow the rules that come with the cards are explained.

Ace: Waterfall

Everyone starts drinking together, and no one can stop until the person to their right stops. The person who drew the ace can stop at any time.


The person who drew the card—drinks.


Choose a word, and everyone takes turns saying a word that rhymes with it. The first person who fails to think or repeats a word drinks loses.


All men will drink.


Everyone points to the sky, and the last person to do so drinks.


Select someone to drink


Everyone touches the floor with their hand, and the last person to do so drinks.


All women will drink.


Choose someone to be your partner and both should drink together.


Choose a category, and everyone takes turns naming something that falls under that category. The first person who can’t think of anything or repeats something drinks.


Question master – Whenever you ask someone a question, they must respond with another question. You have to do something if you don’t answer.


You get the authority to create a rule. If no one follows that person has to drink.


Put some of your drink into the cup in the center of the table. The person who gets the fourth king should drink the entire cup.

Till all the cards are drawn, the game shall continue. It can also stop if the players decide to quit.

As with any drinking game, you should drink responsibly and know your limits. At any time when you feel uncomfortable or too drunk, stop playing and take a break.

Discover the ultimate guide to mastering King’s Cup with this detailed infographic by Liam Jones. Read the full article on King’s Cup for a comprehensive breakdown and expert tips.  

Basics that you need to know:

All the cards should touch on either side and should look like a chain. You must ensure that all the participants gather around the cup and are ready to play. This game can get interesting with large groups joining. To begin playing the King’s Cup, the participant must take their turn to pick up the card, and the turns will go clockwise. If the card chain gets disrupted, then the person has to

Variations of King Cups

There are different game alternatives. To understand the King’s Cup rules, decide on the variation you want to play. Some of the popular variations are:

Reverse Kings Cup

Instead of placing alcohol in the middle cup, players can pour a small drink into their cup. The first player who catches the drink will lose.

Double Kings Cup

Two cups are put in the middle of the table, and the two kings must make the loser sip from both cups.

No Touching

Players should not touch the cup, cards, or table while playing the game. There are king cups like heaven and floor that make it even more difficult.

A variation on Rules

Players can change the rules card effects can be changed or add new cards. Suppose a player who draws six needs all the players to dance instead of only the women.

International Rules

Players who agree to some rules are followed in a specific region or country. Suppose, in Ireland, players need to say “thank you” once they sip their drink.

Kings Cup Rule: Using the Right Cards

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As the primary rule, you must have the right set of cards with you. The game needs a standard deck of 52 cards spread out in a circle. Place the cup in the table center. As specified earlier, every card is related to a certain action, which the player must follow. There are certain game variations in which new cards can be used. However, the standard 52-card deck is common.

How to play the game while following the Kings Cup rules

Place a cup in the center of the table and spread a deck of cards around it, face down.

Take turns when getting a card and ensure the rules are-

If a player draws a King, they must pour some of their drink into the center cup. The player drawing the final king should drink the whole content from the cup

The game will continue till all the cards are dealt or any player quits.

Tips that can help

Before you begin the game, ensure you establish some ground rules, such as drinking limits and consequences for breaking the rules.

Control over your drinks. At any point, if you are uncomfortable, avoid drinking.

Remember, the point of the game is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Never take it too seriously, and enjoy the silly rules and antics that come with it!

Other Kings Cup Rules ideas you might want to try

You can come up with a rule card for this game to make it even more fun. But as the alcohol level increases, it will make every level challenging. Various Kings Cup rule ideas are shared that can turn your casual get-together into a wild game night that everyone will remember.

No promise

Players must not swear or use any curse words for the rest of the game.

The Rule of majestic

Every participant should speak for themselves in the form of “we.. Assume that instead of saying I need to go to drink water, it is changed to We need to drink water.

Talk in a foreign accent

Players must speak in a foreign accent for the rest of the game. The accent can be of their choosing.

Use the non-dominant hand

Players must use their non-dominant hand to drink and pick up cards for the rest of the game.

Laugh, but don’t show your teeth

The name itself explains it all, but you need to make sure that if other participants laugh, they should not show teeth, and if they do, then they need to sip a drink.

Talk in song lyrics

Players must speak in song lyrics for the rest of the game. They can only use lyrics from songs that everyone knows.

The Rule of Nickname

All participants can give a nickname to the person who sits on the left. As long as this rule is not removed, participants should address each other by their nickname, and if any person fails to do so, they have to sip a drink.

Do not point

Players must not point with their fingers or hands for the rest of the game. Instead, they must use their elbows, noses, or chins to point.


1. What is Kings Cup?
Kings Cup is a popular drinking game that involves a deck of cards and a group of players. Each card drawn from the deck corresponds to a specific rule, and players are required to drink based on the rule associated with the card.

2. How do you play Kings Cup?
You need a deck of cards and a group of players to play Kings Cup. The players take turns drawing cards and following the corresponding rules. The game continues until all the cards have been drawn or the players decide to end the game.

3. What are some common rules in Kings Cup?
Some common rules in Kings Cup include “waterfall,” where each player starts drinking at the same time and can’t stop until the person to their right stops; “thumb master,” where the person who draws the card becomes the “thumb master” and can make other players drink by placing their thumb on the table; and “categories,” where the person who draws the card picks a category and players take turns naming things that fit into that category.

4. Is Kings Cup a safe game to play?
As with any drinking game, Kings Cup should be played responsibly. It’s important to ensure that all players are of legal drinking age and that everyone knows their limits.

5. Are there any variations of Kings Cup?
Yes, there are many variations of Kings Cup. Some people play with additional rules or modify existing rules to make the game more challenging or interesting.

Ending Note

Kings Cup rules get interesting with every variation. However, you can try the classic game if you want to slowly make the game interesting and then add different variations to enjoy the game for a long time.