Carmelo Anthony on portland:
Carmelo Anthony on portland: "This is where he wants to retire".

Carmelo Anthony only needed a few months at the TrailBlazers to decide he wanted to finish his career in Portland, says Kelly Eggers of Pamplin Media.

The Blazers gave Anthony a chance to re-establish himself in the NBA a year after the league. Since joining in November, he has averaged 16.1 points and 6.4 rebounds in 32 games, indicating that he has played a lot of games.

Anthony said that I feel this is the place to end my career. “It might have happened earlier, but it didn’t. Now is where I want to retire in my life and career.

Anthony and Blazers will have to decide this summer how long they want their arrangements. He is playing on the lowest contract of a veteran who expires at the end of the season.

Carmelo Anthony on portland: "This is where he wants to retire".
Carmelo Anthony on portland: “This is where he wants to retire”.

There’s room for work in Portland, and Anthony, who turns 36 in May, will have to decide how long he can continue to play.

His addition is one of the few bright spots for a team that is in 10th place in the west with a record of 20-27 after reaching the conference finals last season.

The Blazers were not the first team to show interest in Anthony, but they were the first team to provide the situation they were looking for. Anthony had a long phone conversation with coach Terry Stotts before agreeing to the signing.

“We were very open and honest,” Anthony said. “I confessed my feelings to him. He was very transparent to what I wanted.

The conversation was different from what it used to be. I felt that I was welcome and loved, not thrown by someone. It’s hard to put it when you feel it.”

Anthony sometimes thought his NBA career could go beyond a long start period, and he said he was going to “accept what happens.”

But he had never stopped training and was mentally and physically ready in case of the right opportunity. He believes he is ready to help succeed in Portland.

The Stots are excited about Anthony’s delivery to the Blazers, who were short-line after Zach Collins hurt his shoulder in early November and joined Jusuf Nurkic on the list of failures.