Magnetic Dry Erase Board

There are many uses for dry erase boards. They are used in many different applications for them such as for schools and offices. They are also used in homes for many different reasons.

You can get dry erase boards custom made for you with your own designs. You can even get custom stainless steel framed magnetic dry erase boards that reflect your business or something personal. These would make it more meaningful to you or your business.

This article will talk about some of the different types of magnetic dry erase boards that you can get. It will explain a little about each one and what makes it different. You can also do more research to see what other information you can find.

Different Types of Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

  1. Plain White Board with Customized Calendar – One type of white board that you could get would be a plain white board. You can customize it by printing a calendar that has all the special dates marked on it for anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates. This would be a cheaper option if you needed it because there is not a lot of extra printing details on it.


  1. Plain Magnetic Dry Erase Board – You could also get a plain board that has a custom size for you or your office. You could have one that would custom fit in the spot that you want it to hang in: Instead of getting a regular size such as 4ft by 8ft, you could get one that is 2ft by 3ft or any other size that you might need. These boards could be used for anything because it won’t have a design or pattern on it.


  1. Custom Design – You could also get a custom design on your whiteboard. This could be a promotional design for your business, a family photo, or another design that represents your business or family. These are easy for companies to make and will stand out in the area that you want it in.


  1. Custom Size and Design – There are also options to get a custom size along with the custom design. This gives you more flexibility to put the board where you want to. It enables you to have the perfect board for your needs. These will fit in any spot that you want and it will have your custom design on it.


  1. Promotional Magnetic Dry Erase Board – Many businesses will make smaller magnetic dry erase boards for promotional purposes. You can make smaller boards of about 1ft by 1ft and have your business design placed on it. These could then be passed out to potential customers at promotional activities.


  1. Industrial Grade – There are also industrial grade whiteboards that would work well in industrial areas. These could also be customized in any area that you might need it. Look here to see what differences industrial whiteboards might have. These are stronger than others and will last longer in these areas.


  1. Message Boards – You could also get personalized message boards that have messages that you want to stay on the board. This could be any kind of message such as safety messages or opening and closing hours for your business. For a home board, you could place a personal message that means something to your family.


  1. To Do Lists or Planning Board – There are some whiteboards that have to-do lists or plans for the day on them. These can be customized with your own lists or plans and can be used for home or office. They also come preprinted with a generic list or plan for you to use.


  1. In and Out Whiteboards – If you work in an office and need to know which people are in the office at any time, you might want to have an in and out whiteboard. This will have a list of everyone that should be in the office at any one time. There could be magnets to move from in to out and back again when someone leaves and then returns.


  1. Teacher Whiteboards – Teachers use a variety of whiteboards during the course of the day. You could make ones that have practice for math or reading lessons. You could also make some that have a schedule for the day or similar things.



There are a variety of whiteboards that you can get that are customized for you or your business. You can have them in custom sizes and custom designs so that you can get the board that will exactly fit your needs. Most of these will be magnetized for your convenience so that you can use different types of magnets on them.

You can also customize them for your family with family photos or messages. There can be custom to-do list or custom planners. These whiteboards can be customized to fit any need that you might have.