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NBA is still developing its plan for what basketball will look at this period of coronavirus epidemic, but the drive to crown a champion continues. However, each wave of new information only raises more questions about the sensitivity of playing contact games under the threat of highly contagious and deadly viruses.

According to our close sources:- NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hopes to set guidelines sometime “around June 1” to start the collection of players from around the world.

The process which would be taken for it:-

According to reports, the process will involve a two-week quarantine period for players from the world, followed by one or two-week, one-on-one training sessions and two or three-week team training camps. A regular-season roster is still on the table, but the NBA wants to complete at least a full playoff schedule, according to various reports. If the league is not ready to extend the current season compared to Labor Day yet, it takes six to eight weeks to award the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

It’s possible, as we mentioned in the two-month proposal, to necessarily bring the playoff series to a seven-game finale, but the clock is ticking and it may be off again anytime it is. Although the league schedules each playoff game consecutively, it takes four weeks. In the absence of travel, teams no longer need two or more days between playoff games, but for an optimal product, it is preferable to have a few consecutive games as possible, if not required.

Details of NBA's potential return only raise more questions about ...

Source:- NBA News

This makes the playoffs closer to wrap-up the whole window between July and September if everything goes exactly according to plan. Fulfilling a 70-game obligation for the NBA regional sports network and some Western Conference teams still chasing the Memphis Grizzlies for the eighth seed.

Dudley suggested that the Lakers would need LeBron James and Anthony Davis to be on NBA campuses, for fear of being quarantined for two weeks during the playoffs, and the possibility of other teams coming in with star players.

Can COVID-19 cases increase due to Potential return of NBA?

Yes, the probability of another positive coronavirus test in the NBA increases as we learn about a possible return of the NBA season. With it the possibility of spreading virus both within and outside the NBA circle, including player families.

All this supposes that the second wave of virus, internally or externally, does not force the NBA to press the pause button again in the 2019-20 campaign, due to another obstacle that the league faces.

It’s almost impossible to go back in time that doesn’t even harm the upcoming season, let alone do it without serious security issues, making you wonder if it should be possible. Finally, we cover the growing optimism around the restart of the season. In the 2019-20 season, we removed the security league to mitigate risk in the face of a secure financial landscape.