Shad Gaspard’s body

Shad Gaspard was a popular WWE wrestler and even a talented actor. On 17th May, Gaspard went swimming in the ocean with Aryeh who is his 10-year-old son. Strong currents came over, but Aryeh was successfully rescued and some other swimmers in the area too made it out. However, Gasper was lost at sea. A lifeguard last saw him about 50 yards away from the shore as per police reports. Then, a wave crashed over Gaspard subsequently. Nobody was able to save him and he was swept away by the sea. The police statement released on 17th May reflects that Gaspard was lost at sea. This was after the large wave close to 6 feet tall crashed over him. Although, a rescue can be thrown to Shad but it was of no use due to the high waves. Later, Shad Gaspard’s body was found.

Where was Shad Gaspard’s body found

Shad Gaspard got stuck in a rip current on 17th May ay the Venice Beach. The report said that Shad Gaspard’s body was found on 20th May at about 2:19 AM. Around 1:25 AM someone stopped police officers in the area saying that a body had washed ashore. Moreover, the body had washed ashore on the Venice beach as per the Los Angeles Police Department. It was the first weekend that the beaches had reopened after the Coronavirus lockdown. Later, Shad Gaspard’s body was found.

Later on, the body was identified as Shad Gaspard’s body and his family was informed about the same. He was last seen being swept out to sea on May 17th and had been missing since. On the other hand, Kenichi Haskett who is the Section Chief of the lifeguard department of the LA County Fire Department put in a few words. He said that being caught in the impact zone of a rip current is a harrowing experience. Besides, he said that waves kept crashing on top of you and kept trying to pull you down. Haskett drew an analogy between that and a top load washing machine.

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Siliana Gaspard who is Shad’s wife put out a word of thanks for Shad’s fans and the authorities. She thanked the lifeguards and first responders who saved Aryeh. Besides, she also thanked the police departments, coast guard, fire department, and the divers for their efforts in finding Shad.

Shad Gaspard’s Career

Shad Gaspard became popular as a WWE wrestler. He and his partner JTG were a part of Cryme Tyme which was a tag team in WWE. He retired from in 2010 WWE. Later, he took up small roles in movies and in TV shows. He was a part of ‘Get Hard ‘which was Kevin Hart’s comedy movie. It released in 2015 and his fans loved seeing him in that movie.

Final Thoughts

The lifeguard who jumped in to try and save Shad and Aryeh faced an excruciating dilemma. He had to pick between saving Shad or his son first. Shad asked the lifeguard to save Aryeh first. So, by the time he tried to go back for Shad, it was too late. Thanks to the lifeguard’s actions Shad’s son was saved. A lot of people will mourn Shad’s demise. We should give the distraught family some personal time.



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