Siliana Gaspard

Popular WWE wrestler and superstar Shad Gaspard is missing after he visited Marina Del Rey Beach. He was last seen swimming on the beach with his son before a strong current hit them around 4 PM on Sunday. According to reports, as the huge current hit the father and son, lifeguards rushed in to save them. At that very moment, the 39-year old star pointed out towards his 10-year old son to tell the lifeguards to attend him first. While they were pulling the child out of the wave, another big wave hit the shore, and Gaspard is missing since then. An officer on-duty has already hinted about the fact that Gaspard has submerged in the second wave.

There are several helicopters and divers appointed to look for him from the moment the incident took place. The Fire Department of Los Angeles is trying to probe into the matter with a picture of the WWE superstar that was clicked in Venice Beach before the incident took place. After lifeguards were unable to find him, his wife Siliana Gaspard took to her Instagram handle to seek for help. She has pleaded everyone to inform the family or 911 emergency if someone gets any kind of information about her husband. After a couple of minutes, Shad Gaspard’s Instagram handle also showed the same picture and message.

How Shad Gaspard went missing

Trina Schrader, spokesperson for the sheriff’s department of Los Angeles issued a public statement without naming Shad Gaspard. She said that they were frantically searching for a swimmer who was pulled in by a sudden rip current on Sunday afternoon. She also added that they had employed every possible source to look for the person. Moreover, they are ready to take more actions, as and when required. For now, the LA County Lifeguards and the US Coast Guard are trying to do the work. The search started from the time of the incident until around 7:30 PM. They again started their search from Monday morning.

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The LA County reopened some of its beaches in the last week to allow certain physical activities. They were allowing walking, swimming, and running along the beach. The locals were happy to relax after two months during which all the beaches were closed to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading more. Unfortunately, such a mishap took place right after the beach was reopened after the break.

Shad Gaspard became famous after he was a part of Cryme Tyme, a premium wrestling band. He and his partner JTG took the CT team forward starting from 2006 before he retired from his wrestling career in 2010. He then starred in a few Hollywood movies which did pretty well too. Two of the most popular Shad Gaspard movies are “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time”, and “Think Like a Man Too”. After the mishap, all his fans have flooded the Instagram post by his wife to send prayers for him.


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