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When it comes to women in WWE, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair’s vendetta race simply passes from one match to another. To begin with, that’s what attracts the audience towards this couple in the ring. However, there have been unlimited matches between the two. For the most part, you cannot figure out who is better! The reason being, both wrestling personalities have achieved several accomplishments. Thus, the comparison is useless. But, let’s check out 5 matches in the history of WWE women’s wrestling that changed the vendetta phase for Sasha and Charlotte to the most loved nemesis in the ring.

The Iron Man Match

To begin with, a 30 minutes ironman match between Sasha and Charlotte leads the audience to applaud whereas jaw-drops in no time. In 2016 Roadblock: End of the line match, Charlotte from Queens and Sasha from Boston stood face-to-face in the ring with rage higher than ever. 

Although, Sasha Banks was holding zero potential of losing evident by her Ironman match with Bayley. Although, one of the reasons why Charlotte lost is because she wasn’t much interested in the game at all. At the moment, rumors were, Charlotte is looking for time-off. 

NXT Women’s Championship on Christmas

In 2014, on Christmas 25 December, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair once again walked down into the ring and changed their frustration up until the end of the 8 minutes fight. Although Charlotte seemed too confident in the ring, Sasha gave her no time while she found a way to mock Charlotte’s family in the ring. This clearly caused Charlotte to parade her outrage. Of course, Charlotte won the championship as a mockery of her family is apparently something that fires her wrestling skills from the inside. 

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Sasha vs. Charlotte
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2016 RAW Championship

For the most part, when it comes to Sasha, she is definitely a queen of wrestling. Although, Charlotte, on the other hand, holds many victories to show-off among the audience. Let’s just say both are equally strong and finest wrestlers of all time. However, during the 2016 RAW Championship, something was wonderous about both champions.

Even though Sasha Banks ended up winning the RAW of July 2016; the competition between both legendaries was quite close. For instance, on April 3, 2016, Charlotte Flair got to bring home the Wrestlemania 32 title. Furthermore, in August 2016, she also won the SummerSlam championship. 

To be honest, it seems like both champions did not want to give another any chance to win. 

RAW of 28 November 2016, Sasha Banks’ Brutality!

This date will be reserved in the history of WWE Women’s championship as the horrifying catfight of all times. That’s right! Though, wrestling is mostly about outliving each other until the other person cannot stand anymore. Sasha and Charlotte take it to another level. 

A countable percentage of the audience called this battle as “Brutal as hell.” To begin with, not only does Sasha hit Charlotte like a voodoo doll but she also uses Kendo sticks to shove her power down in the ring and parade who is the real-time gangster. 

WWE Battleground 2 on Divas Triple threat match

The audience would have never thought that the day would come when Sasha and Charlotte would be accompanied by another amazing wrestler. Yes! Brie Bella in the ring. To begin with, the fight was exquisite. However, Sasha’s moves somewhere offended the Divas as her power in the ring is uncountable. But of course, the match took an unexpected turn. As, Charlotte ended up winning the WWE Battleground 2 2015 championship. 

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Well! It is no doubt that Sasha’s temper and her personal conflicts sometimes cause her troubles. For instance, the world to kick her out of the ring. But, in the opinion of her fan-following, she is undefeatable until or unless, the oppositions find out a loophole in her performance.

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Sasha Banks 2015 Winning Flashback: In the 2015 WWE Women’s wrestling championship, the audience witnessed Sasha banks so happy upon her victory over Charlotte that she almost cried. Although that seemed like a bit much, however, she paraded her love towards the championship title by shushing-away the referee and alone-handling her price. I guess, that true love in the world of wrestlers. 


Up until now, Sasha Banks has won 6 championships against her most hated nemesis. From Charlotte to Bayley and Brie Bella whom she almost caused breathless in the battleground 2, she is the future of WWE women’s championship.


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