President of Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri, is up for a contract extension in 2020. The contact will compound both his responsibilities as well as his reimbursement.

The Raptors have improved a lot under Ujiri’s championship. Last season, Raptors won their first championship in the franchise history. There is no doubt about the fact that Ujiri is a hard worker.

He is also an esteemed figure in the NBA. The fact that Toronto is willing to offer an extension to Masai Ujiri is not all stupefaction.

Raptors May offer Masai Ujiri Extension in 2020

However, there had been some contradictory reports about it as well. The fact of whether or not the Ujiri is offered an extension is not official yet.

Ujiri was working on a contract basis with the Raptors for two years. There is no news about the discourse of the extension.

The topic was not even raised even after the Raptors won the NBA title. However, there is a strong possibility that Ujiri would be offered an extension, which will compound both his responsibilities as well as his reimbursement.

It is rumored that The New York Knicks have shown their interest in Ujiri. But there is no doubt about the fact that the Raptors will do anything in their power to get Masai Ujiri to stay. Ownership surely wants to Ujiri to stay after his devout contribution to the franchise.

In 2007, the Raptors offered Ujiri his premier front-office job. After serving as Director of Global Scouting for a year, Ujiri was promoted to the post of Assistant General Manager.

Afterward, he worked as the Executive Vice-President for the Denver Nuggets before holding the title of President and General Manager of the Raptors.

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Although Toronto lost Kawhi Leonard, Raptors are still surviving in his absence. People give all the credits to Ujiri for this achievement.


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