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Nowadays, the variety of children’s clothing is becoming more and more diverse, and parents need to carefully identify not only the material and fabric of the clothes, but also the quality of the stitching. Parents are often at a loss when it comes to selecting children’s clothing, and this is where the logo on children’s clothing always gives us a lot of insight and is one of the important deciding factors in determining whether or not to buy it. (Wholesale Kid Clothes) However, there are many parents who ignore the children’s clothing logo, or rather, parents are not sure how to interpret the children’s clothing logo, so let us talk about those things about the logo today.

1. Trademark, factory name, factory address

Parents should first pay attention to the trademark labeling on children’s clothing and clothing manufacturer’s factory name, factory address, which is a powerful evidence to determine the counterfeit products. Only if the producer has marked their goods with the trademark, correct factory name and factory address, can they show their determination to be responsible for the products they produce and sell. If you find clothing (and other products as well) without a visible trademark and correct factory name and address, be careful, it is likely to be a counterfeit product. Products that lack this information tend to be less expensive than regular children’s clothing logo, and as long as you’re looking for a bargain, you’re likely to be duped.

2. Clothing model

Parents also need to pay attention to the clothes on the clothing number mark, which is a regular commodity must have the logo. Number mark is generally the specification code of children’s clothing, parents must be based on their children’s height, fat and thin to buy children’s clothing, only choose the right size clothes, to wear comfortable. If the clothes are too big, too fat, too tight, it will have a bad effect on the baby’s body. Usually the label of the clothing model will use a slash to distinguish the number and type, such as a T-shirt written 135 / 65, referring to the height of 135, chest circumference in 65 up and down the baby wear. Generally speaking, it is best to choose loose or large clothes when buying fashionable children’s clothing for children. On the one hand, children are active, buy loose clothes to help children move freely; on the other hand, children grow fast, buy a large number of clothes can be worn for a long time.

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3. Ingredient identification

Children’s clothing on the composition of the logo, refers to the composition of the material used to make the clothes, including the lining and outer material. I think this is the most important, because not only children’s clothing, all children’s products used by children, it is necessary to identify the composition of the logo, to understand whether these ingredients are harmful to children, whether it is suitable for children to use. Children’s skin is different from that of adults, and will always be much more delicate. A small number of children have allergies to some fabrics, so parents must pay more attention to the composition fabric issues when buying children’s clothing, not recommended to buy low-priced poor-quality children’s clothing. Low-priced inferior children’s clothing is not only the problem of inferior fabrics, there may also be irregularities in the logo, hazardous substances exceed the standard. In looking at the composition of the logo, parents also need to observe whether the numbers in the logo is clear, such as fiber content and the proportion. If the clothes are not a single fabric, but also to see whether the labeling of the composition of the filling material and the number.

4. Washing logo and instructions

Because of the existence of different fabrics these fabrics have their own characteristics, so there are a variety of ways to wash clothes, the more delicate the fabric the more complex the way to wash. Usually, newly purchased clothes are often accompanied by washing advice.Parents should pay attention to whether the clothes are marked with the symbols of the washing logo and related instructions, if you decide to buy, be sure to ask the salesman about the clothes washing and maintenance precautions. Normal clothes are marked with washing precautions and preservation tips, do not underestimate this, which not only facilitates the use and cleaning of the clothes by the purchaser, but also protects the legitimate interests of the purchaser. It is highly recommended that you buy clothes according to its washing logo to wash and save. When you fully in accordance with the manufacturer’s tips to maintain the clothes, if the clothes still appear quality holes, you can ask the manufacturer to remedy, and vice versa, you can not ask the manufacturer to compensate or return damaged clothes.

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5. Other children’s clothing markings

A qualified clothing should have at least the following markings – certificate of conformity, product implementation standard number, product quality level. We all know that one of the important signs of clothing is the certificate of conformity, which is also its qualification to enter the market; product implementation standard number is a string of characters consisting of national standards, industry standards, local standards or enterprise standards, is the basis for receiving supervision and inspection; product quality level refers to the statistical classification of products produced in accordance with different levels of standards organization, rather than the actual classification of product quality, the product for The classification of the standard level is the need for the national macro-evaluation of product quality level. Generally speaking, the logo of children’s clothing are made of lighter and softer fabrics, and can not be placed directly and baby’s skin “close contact” position, or it is easy to scratch the baby’s skin.

After reading the article, do you now have a general understanding of the purchase of children’s clothing need to pay attention to the logo? Although the above may seem a bit tedious, it is worthwhile to be careful when you think that this is the item you are buying for our most adorable children. If you think of some other considerations about children’s clothing logo, you are welcome to share your life experiences with us if you are careful.


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