Highest goal scorers in the world- Top 10 List and Details
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Football is the most popular and widely accepted sport in the world. The game has an estimation of 4 billion above fan followers across the globe. Indeed, this percentage indicates the support that football receives all around the world. So it is quite common that people will be well aware of the players and their career statistics. In this context, the world’s highest goal scorers are frequently looked up to and discussed in the game’s aspect. Here we will look at more details about the highest goal scorers in the world.

All-time Goal Scorers of football

Many legendary players in football have made an immense contribution to the game. Scoring a goal and leading the team into victory is a heroic act. Indeed, the goal scored by a player is a crucial factor to determines one career and talent. However, exceptional players like Diego Maradona has scored fewer goals than other players, But the player is legendary and phenomenal. Here, all the players’ national and club matches get considered for evaluating the all-time goal scorers of football.

Top 10 Highest Goal Scorers in the World

There is nothing joyful and exciting for a football lover to see his team scoring. The goal scorer of the match will certainly get attention and highlights. Indeed, the consistent goal scorer of the team will be the star player of the group. Here we will look at the top 10 stars who have scored the highest goals in the world.

1) Josef Bican 

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Josef Bican is a legendary footballer who holds the record for the highest goal scorer in the world. He was part of the Austrian-Czech professional football team from 1931- 1956. Moreover, he has 830 goals in this account from 530 matches. However, according to sports analysts, Josef must have scored more than 100 goals but not recorded. Anyhow, currently, no one has come up with more goals than Josef, making him on the top list. This great footballer died in 2001 at the age of 88 in Prague, Czechia.

2) Romario

Highest goal scorers in the world- Top 10 List and Details
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Romario de Souza Faria, popularly known as Romario, comes in the second position on the world list’s highest goal scorers. He was a Brazilian footballer who has scored 772 goals in 992 matches. Furthermore, Romario played a crucial role in the 1994 world cup for Brazil. Indeed, he led the team to taste the sweetness of victory. Romario is famous for his unique game style and finishing style. When the team was under pressure knocking the finishing goal, Romario has been the savior in many instances. Thus, he is considered one of the best finishers of football. Looking at his career, he made his entry in the year 1985 and had a long football career for 22 years. After retirement from football in 2007, he was more into political activities. Currently, Romario holds a position in PODE political party.

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3) Cristiano Ronaldo 

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most followed football personalities in the world. This 35-year-old star player comes in the 3rd position of the world’s highest goal scorer list. Till now, he has made 772 goals in 1066 matches, including both national and club games. Furthermore, this Portugal player has set many records for football. He was once the leading player for Real Madrid and currently plays for Juventus. Looking at his career statistics and records, he is the top goal scorer in the UEFA champions league.

Moreover, Recently Ronaldo broke the record of most score goals in a single champions league season. Cristiano began his professional football career at the age of 18 in 2003 with Machester united. His intense dedication and talents have made him attain many heights in football. Considering his physical fitness and performance, Cristiano has many miles more to go.

4) Pele

Highest goal scorers in the world- Top 10 List and Details
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Pele is the Iconic legendary personality of football. This all-time great player comes in 4th place for the highest goal scorers in the world list. From 837 matches, he has fired the goalpost 767 times. However, according to the career statistics of Pele, the goals scored can be more than 1000 altogether, including friendlies. Pele took the Brazilian national to many glorious heights. He was part of the Brazilian team from 1957 to 1971 and led the team to win 3 FIFA world cups. There are numerous records and achievements set by this legend that is difficult to break by any player. Not only for Brazilians but the millions of people around the world, Pele is an inspiration and an Idol in football. Undoubtedly, it is apt to say that Pele is the Synonym for football.

5) Ferenc Puskas 

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The international football superstar Ferenc Puskas is a Hungarian football player. However, he represented both Hungary and Spain national team between 1945 – 1962. With a total goal of 746 from 754 matches, Ferenc stands at the fifth position. Apart from representing national teams, he even played for many clubs, including Real Madrid. Besides, after the total retirement from football, he turned into a coach. The Hungarian National team was at its best under his coaching. In Budapest, Hungary, he passed away at 79 years of age.

6) Lionel Messi 

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Lionel Messi is the greatest and most celebrated active football player in the world. With extraordinary talent and charisma, he attracts millions of people across the globe. Indeed, Messi comes in the 6th position of highest goal scorers in the world list. Till now, from 943 matches, he has made 740 goals, which is quite phenomenal. Messi began his youth career in 2001 and senior career in 2003 in Barcelona. Also, since 2005 he is active in Argentina National team.

Moreover, till now, he has made 71 goals for the national team from 142 matches. Maradona, the legend himself, has played a vital role in Messi’s career to polish his talents. There are several records under this 33 old year footballer that includes the most goals in La Liga and European league seasons. Anyhow, Messi has good physical fitness and excellent performance. Indeed, looking furthermore in the future to exhibit his football magic.

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7) Gerd Muller

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Gerd Muller is a German football striker. Having 735 goals from 793 matches, he has set a brilliant football career. Indeed, making him the 7th highest goal scorers in the world. He was part of the German National team from 1966-1974, exhibiting outstanding performance in WorldCup. Furthermore, he was the golden boot winner of the 1972 FIFA World Cup and has scored 14 goals altogether in the World Cup. Undoubtedly, he was one of the finest forward players of the German football team.

8) Ferenc Deak

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Ferenc Deak was one of the all-time top strikers of the Hungarian football team. A total goal score of 576 has made him be of the highest goal scorers in the world list. Looking at his national career, he only played three years for Hungary from 1946 to 1949. However, he exhibited an outstanding performance in other club and league matches. Ferenc died at the age of 78 in 1998 in Budapest, Hungary.

9) Tulio Maravilha 

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Tulio is one of the finest forward Brazilian players, who had also played in many clubs. With a total of 575 goals, he comes in the top 10 list of goal scorers. Tulio’s professional career varied a lot with different teams. Indeed, he was part of 40 various clubs during his entire career. He had a long football career of 31 years from 1988- 2019.

10) Uwe Seeler

Highest goal scorers in the world- Top 10 List and Details
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Uwe is a German striker footballer. He has a total goal of 575 in his account, which is equal to Tulio Maravilha. He was part of the German National Team at the age of 17. Furthermore, he is the first German footballer to receive the Great order of merit of Germany. Also, he was on the list of FIFA’s 125 greatest living players made by Pele in 2004.

Active Highest Goal scorers in the World

Ronaldo and Messi are the only current players in the top 10 all-time goalscorers list. So let’s specify and look at the present players who have the most number of goals.

 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

After Messi and Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the third active player to have the world’s highest goals. This 39-year-old Swedish national footballer has scored 565 goals altogether.

Robert Lewandowski

The 32-year-old Robert is a Poland National footballer. He has a total of 515 goals in his account and currently plays for Bayern Munich Club.

Luis Suarez

Suarez is one of the finest Uruguay footballers, who currently plays for Atletico Madrid club. A total of 491 goals makes him in the top list of active goal scorers in the world.


For sports lovers, it is exciting and curious to know about the career statistics of the players. Especially in context to football, top goal scorers are the first thing that pops up in everyone’s mind. The most number of goals that a player scored is a reflection of pure talent and brilliance. All the players on the list are indeed the greatest football players, and two are still active. Undoubtedly, the above data about the world’s highest goal scorers will help you get a better understanding of the legendary players.