Padres got a new manager. He is Jayce Tingler. Tingler addressed the media for the first time after being introduced.

Jayce Tingler used to think about managing the games long before General Manager A. J. Preller got him for Padres. In this way, Tingler started playing with the big leagues.

At Manchester Grand Hyatt, Padres said that everything was on the board when suddenly one or two players show up. He is trying to play things out and thinks that he might have a shot at a balanced lineup.

Tingler said that he was leaning on Schumaker for a lot of things, from A to Z. for Bobby Dickerson, he said that he got a lot of messages when Bobby became the coach.

Tingler on many topics; Kim’s chase; Point of rule 5 : Padres notes

Bobby is an expert and gets the infielders and ballplayers better. He has done a lot of things in the game, and they are looking forward to continuing that streak with him.

For Fernando Tatis Jr, Tingler said that Fernando is flexible, and his highlight video does do him justice. He is ultra-talented. Manny Machado is ready for the game and is working right now on it.

When asked about Tommy Pham, Tingler said that Tommy gets better with time. He is a self-made man.

\When Tingler talked to the staff about Tommy and then talked to Tommy, Tingler thought that Tommy has an edge. He wants to be great. He is impressive and aspires to win.

The market will go nuts next week when Kim Kwang-Hyun, Korean pitcher, would start looking for a three-year deal. Among all the other teams, Padres also want him on their side.

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Kim has been seen as a back-of-the-rotation piece, and his swings are like pitches out of a bullpen. Padres was not lucky enough to sign him the last time he was available in 2014.

Padres might be able to participate in Thursday’s Rule 5 draft with the 40-man roster. Padres did not have a player from the primary league phase since 2015 and 2016 when they took seven players.


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