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Keyontae Johnson from Florida Gator collapsed at the basketball court last weekend. He was critical but now has stable health. The player’s grandfather told the USA that the player was in a medically produced coma and had to go through several tests.

The player’s brain was having a lot of activity, so they put him on medication so that his mind could rest. It’s more like a coma but medically propagated. Doctors brought him back from coma once he got past the initial critical phase.

The Florida Gator player from the University of Florida got treatment initially at Tallahassee Memorial. Then they shifted him to UF health hospital at Gainesville.

Keyontae Johnson is now in stable condition

The university said that Johnson is still not out of danger completely and in stable health. He is going on with a few simple procedures and tests. The family of the player is beside him at Gainesville hospital.

Doctors are still diagnosing

ESPN said that Johnson tested Covid-19 positive during summer. There are speculations if his collapse has anything of effect for that itself or something else.

The 21-year-old Florida Gator athlete passed out on Saturday at the time out of the first quarter. He received straight away medical help. The staff took him to the locker room first and then transported him to the Tallahassee Memorial’s medical facility.

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Florida Gators lost to Florida State Seminoles with 83-71

The game resumed after the unfortunate event a few moments later. The players from both teams were morose even after the match continued. The Florida Gators lost to the Florida State Seminoles on Saturday. The score was 83-71. UF Mike White’s head coach went to the hospital to visit Johnson after the game.

White tweeted that everyone loved him and extended his prayers for his fast recovery. The coach waited at the hospital all night long.

Scott Stricklin, the Athletic Director of UF, issued a statement on Sunday thanking the immediate medical help and facilities which treated Johnson after the collapse. He added that FCU staff promptly attended Keyontae when he fainted.

The medical help at Tallahassee Memorial also took immense care of the player with constant UF health advice. Keyontae’s parents came to the hospital too. The Gator team extends their extensive support to the family.

Keyontae thanked everyone by releasing a video

Keyontae released a video on Friday to thank the people who have shown such support during his bad health. He thanked his team, the doctors at Tallahassee memorial, UF health, and his fans for their constant prayers.

Johnson is now breathing on his own with much more stable health and talking to his family members. We wish him a fast recovery.


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